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5000 Iloilo

November 2010 - January 2011

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey all from your favorite BLONDE daughter/sister/friend!

Can you believe I forgot my laundry bag? Yep. Anyway.I'm learning LOTS! My teachers are Brother Leslie and Sister Rather. Sister Rather is a native Philipino and Brother Leslie served in the Philippines. They are really good, I can already testify in Tagalog.

I LOVE my district. My district leader is Elder Lewis and he reminds me of Brother Ripple. Imagine Bro. Ripple with dark skin and hair and a little shorter and you have Elder Lewis. There are 4 sisters in our district and 4 Elders. It's so fun. My companion's name is Sister Woodward, and she's from Washington State.

Brooke, er, Sister Deem, lives on my floor and I see her every day! It makes me happy to see a familiar face :) I saw my FHE dad Elder Nielson, who is going to Finland, yesterday.

Anywho, I'm almost out of computer time, so I best be going!

Love you all!

Love, Sister Adams

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