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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nagapasalamat Ako

I am thankful for being a missionary. I am also thankful that I could have a delicious lunch last Thursday. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken (not turkey...), rolls, and a cheesecake that practically made itself. No joke, we have no supplies in our kitchen, but somehow Sister Purser and I (who have never made a cheesecake in real life) put together the best cheesecake we've ever eaten... it was a day full of giving thanks. :D

I honestly feel like I am with Sister Fairweather again. We are having a blast and funny things happen every day. For example, we both thought that here in the Philippines, we would never be given an address that included a specific number (just stuff like "I live in Tanque Kalubihan! Visit sometime!). And actually, I haven't seen very many numbers on houses here, so I just thought no one used them. But we were given a referral (one of 3 yesterday, salamat!!) and his address was REALLY specific. It had a number AND a letter. So we went in search for this house. Well, we found it, and then realized that another referral that we had had a similar address so we went searching for it... That was the adventure. One where I was CORRECTED in my thinking that they don't use numbers on houses here. Everyone we asked was like, "keep going that way!" Then this woman just sort of stayed with us until we found the house. We were laughing so hard because she was practically doing our work for us. Even after we had kind of given up, she wouldn't. We eventually found the house, but didn't go inside to teach because it was time for our next appointment. Anyway, now that I read that, it doesn't sound that funny... just imagine 2 American girls following a middle aged Filipina around looking for 477-D. Maybe you'll get the effect.

That's all folks!


Sister Jennie Adams

Monday, November 22, 2010


On Friday, I've been in the Philippines for a year. Just so you know. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (yes, we're going to have a feast, I'll tell you about it next week)

Transfer day was awesome. Sister Carr and I switched places. So I am now following up Sister Purser. It is now her 3rd transfer. And she's adorable. She wears Jody's and crocs and... we're just going to have a blast. We actually both have the same Jody and toothbrush, so we took a picture because I thought it was so funny. Hilarious actually.

I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure out Jaro (J sounds like H). (Note from Naunie, Jaro is approximately 4 miles north of Iloilo City.) We are assigned to ward 2 and yesterday I had a blast because the members are so nice. Also, we have some pretty cool investigators. At least 2 are goaling to be baptized on December 18. One is a really smart 12 year old, named Stephen, (he's just like Raymart, but he has support from a family member). The other is a woman who is in her 30's (I think). Her name is Beth. And everyone we talk to is really nice. I can't explain how excited I am to be here, close to President. I'm hoping that if I transfer again, it isn't far because I don't know if I can take the travel again. I would just like this to be my last area... hmm, 3 transfers. It's possible. The 3 hour bus ride from Roxas to Iloilo is pretty much killer (all I want by the time we get here is to NOT be moving). It was kind of weird being the only Sister on the trip from Roxas, but I did it in September when we had a leadership training, so it wasn't the first time. It must be weird to be an RM and all of a sudden find yourself alone with someone of the opposite gender... hmmm, guess I'll find out...

CONGRATULATIONS ANNIE... uh, SISTER LOVE That's the mission I thought I was supposed to go to. Haha, one thing I've learned is that it's a darn good thing that we're not in charge of our lives. Love you tons Girl! See you in 2012!

Love always,
Sister Adams

Monday, November 15, 2010

Transfer Announcements

Well everyone, the time has finally come for the Roxas Rena (Queen) to step down from her throne, but she still gets to hold the title. I have been assigned here for 33 weeks... that's roughly 7 and a half months. I've had 3 companions while I've been in the wonderful city of Roxas. But now, it's time to pass on this set of members, leaders, investigators, and concerns to the next missionary. It's time for me to try my hand at another ward (or branch, or area?). When I came here, I never thought I'd be here for 5 and a half transfers. Never. But it's been great! I absolutely love it here and when (yes, when) I get a chance to come back to the Philippines, I'm definitely spending a considerable amount of time here in Roxas.

This week is going to be crazy with all the goodbyes and packing and such. I go to Iloilo on Thursday night and the transfer meeting is on Friday morning. The other 3 sisters in Roxas are staying... meaning I get to ride Solo to Iloilo. Yay! :S

This last week was ok. We taught Ernesto (only once) and he accepted a Book of Mormon. He accepted the message too. He is a surprisingly quick man (well, his mind is quick) for being 68 and having suffered a stroke. It was refreshing to teach someone who really cared about what we were saying. Please pray for his acceptance of the Restored Gospel.

I love being a missionary! And I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring! Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Love Always,
Sister Adams

Monday, November 8, 2010

Zone Con and Principals

This is last week's picture - with Sister Adams dressed up as Sister Custodia, and Sister Custodia dressed up as Sister Adams;-)

Hi Everyone!

This week, we had Zone Conference! Combined with Kalibo! Let me tell you what that means...

I got to see Sister Woodward! It was pretty awesome.And I learned a ton. I hope it helps with the work.

We met a man named Ernesto. He used to be a principal at a (several?) school(s). He spoke straight English to us, even though we were answering in Ilanggo. We told him that we were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said he hadn't ever heard of that organization before, and even went as far as to say that it wasn't a religion. Haha, but after about 5 minutes of talking, I asked him if he knew "Mormons." THEN he knew who we were. And proceeded to say, "Eh, suppose... I wanted to know more about your religion... Could you, eh, schedule me in some day, and come and have a session with me?" Haha, it was awesome. His house is gargantuan, which, secretly, it's my dream to teach someone that lives in one of those mysterious, large houses. Even though you know they're part of the dominant religion in this country. That's all I've wanted here, I want to teach the humble who are not compelled to be that way. Anyway, I'm scared out of my mind, we can't mess this up. The Spirit is absolutely necessary. Our appointment is tomorrow, between 3 and 4, and he hopes "that we won't be absent." True to teacher form. Haha. :) So, any prayers in that direction would be deeply appreciated.

I'm having a great time with Sister Custodia! We laugh everyday about our forgetfulness and inside jokes. I love laughing. A mission without laughing would be a dreary one indeed.

Love you all, Keep smiling!

Sister Jennie Adams

Dear Annie Love,
ahem, dear, if I don't hear from you personally SOON, I just might have to come home right now and speak to you face to face.I love you to the Philippines and back!
Love,Sister Adams

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, just one. Thanks for the package mom! and Jimmy, and Marie! I presented Halloween (aka dum-dums) to every member in Roxas ward 3 (that came to church yesterday)So, I couldn't think of anything to dress up as this year... so I decided to use the same costume as last year (sister missionary), but I'm pretty sure I gave away the shirt I wore, and the skirt... well let's just say it's in storage for now... SO, I decided to be Sister Custodia... for about 2 minutes to take a picture (which I'll send next week, I think).

This week was full of no teachings. Because it's semester break, and no one was home. It's really tiring to go from appointment to appointment and not being able to teach because they aren't home. I'm hoping that this week, they run out of excuses to not be home. Probably by Wednesday because today and tomorrow are Holidays (all souls day and all saints day). Lets hope!

It's also been raining buckets every day. An effect of the typhoons I think. Anyway, we're wet. And I am always very very very happy I am not required to wear nylons and that my shoes are just rubber. And that my clothes dry quickly. Yes, missionary work in the rain can be enjoyable, if you are dressed properly.

Well, I apologize for yet another uneventful week. Maybe stuff happens, but I just forget when I'm writing home. Thanks for all your letters and prayers!

Sister Adams