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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, just one. Thanks for the package mom! and Jimmy, and Marie! I presented Halloween (aka dum-dums) to every member in Roxas ward 3 (that came to church yesterday)So, I couldn't think of anything to dress up as this year... so I decided to use the same costume as last year (sister missionary), but I'm pretty sure I gave away the shirt I wore, and the skirt... well let's just say it's in storage for now... SO, I decided to be Sister Custodia... for about 2 minutes to take a picture (which I'll send next week, I think).

This week was full of no teachings. Because it's semester break, and no one was home. It's really tiring to go from appointment to appointment and not being able to teach because they aren't home. I'm hoping that this week, they run out of excuses to not be home. Probably by Wednesday because today and tomorrow are Holidays (all souls day and all saints day). Lets hope!

It's also been raining buckets every day. An effect of the typhoons I think. Anyway, we're wet. And I am always very very very happy I am not required to wear nylons and that my shoes are just rubber. And that my clothes dry quickly. Yes, missionary work in the rain can be enjoyable, if you are dressed properly.

Well, I apologize for yet another uneventful week. Maybe stuff happens, but I just forget when I'm writing home. Thanks for all your letters and prayers!

Sister Adams

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