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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Everyone!!!

So, I think you all should read 1 Nephi 16. Then write down all the lessons you can learn from it. It is an absolutely incredible chapter, and you see the true character of all the people involved... So, yeah, read it.

This week has been kinda hard. The excuse of the week is "it's elections! we're going home to vote!" (elections for Barangay Kagagawad which are leaders for the community... a barangay is like a unit inside of a city. It has a hall and a captain, and kagawads which are like councilors) Anyway, if someone isn't living in the place they grew up and therefore registered to vote, then they have to go home to that place. Also, even if they don't have to go home, they're busy with campaigning and such. But it's ok because as I type, there are people voting. So by tomorrow, it'll all be over. Yay! I'll just wait for the next excuse :)

Our other problem is it's the semester break until November. So I have a feeling we're going to get punted a lot this week because quite a few of our investigators are students and they might go on vacation.

One time, before I came to serve the Lord for 18 months, a friend of mine who was a full time missionary sent me a drawing of himself punching the daylights out of Satan. I didn't really get it. I was like, "cool, he's a good artist." And then I put the letter away, not really thinking about it again. Well, now, as a full time missionary myself... I totally get it. In fact, I would love to be the one punching the daylights out of Satan. I hate the fact that he has so much influence. I see it everywhere: in members (young men) who drink and smoke with their friends and then are too ashamed to come to church. In nonmembers who also drink and smoke and gamble with their friends and "don't have time" for us. Even more subtly in good people who have slowly let unimportant things take the place of "seeking the kingdom of God" on the top of their "to do" list. (See Matt. 6 or 3 Nephi 13). I now completely understand why my friend felt the way he did and drew the picture he did. Unfortunately, Satan has no body and therefore can not be beat up. Or maybe fortunately. You see, if he did have a body, his influence would ruin the entire world.

That's why, my friends, we NEED to stay close to God. We NEED the power of prayer and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We NEED the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we NEED to help others find it. So that we can lessen Satan's influence. I love being a missionary. And the opportunity to serve these people. They need so much what we have, and I'm happy to give it to them. Please pray for the hearts of people everywhere to be prepared to receive the Restored Gospel.

Love Always,

Sister Adams

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