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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, today was fantastic! We just stayed at home most of the day. I got to talk to FAMILY :D (big giant happy face...). And President Tobias came to our apartment to do interviews. We have a pretty nice apartment (I think) but he said that you can always upgrade and that we can look for a nicer one... lol I think it's funny. We live in a palace compared to most people, but we're being told that we can have better. I'll probably keep my eyes peeled though...

We are now going to go shopping because we have no food :)

On New Years Eve, we're going to go to Victorias and spend the night with those Sisters. We get to watch Disney Movies. Yayness! I'm not going to stay up too late though... and I'll tell you why...

On Christmas Eve, we had a Sisters activity and we stayed up way too late in the Mission Home and the next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was so tired and I felt sick. I know exactly why they tell us to be in bed by 10:30. There is WISDOM in rules; none of you forget that.

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday. That brings the December total to 7... bringing Sister Rellora and I to being the top baptizing Sisters in the Mission for December. I don't feel like I contributed much, but I do think it's amazing how there are so many people coming into the gospel! I love these people so much!

Well, that's all I've got to say for now!

Love you all!

Love Sister Jennie Adams (aka: ...Kano?... hmmm lol)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Dearest Loved Ones,

This week, I’m writing in a word document, so there won’t be any disappearing emails. :-)

Also, I’m going to answer some questions:

What do I eat? I eat food. I haven’t had fish yet, but I tried balut (it made me sick) and chicken intestine… I also eat a lot of rice. Mostly it’s just normal, but I miss cheese… real cheese. And milk for my Oreos (yep, there’s Oreos, but no fresh milk) and yes, the food here is much better for my body than the food in the MTC. ;-)

Are you sleeping well? I sleep pretty well. I’m so exhausted at night, it’s hard not to… also would you believe my feet get cold at night? Haha, it’s true! I wear socks to bed and I have a sheet so they can get warm, but I have been waking up in the night with cold feet… lol

Where do I email? At Internet caf├ęs. They’re all over.

What is Ilanggo like? It’s closer to Cebuano than to Tagalog, but there are some same words. It’s one of my bigger challenges right now…

Did I freeze on my way to the airport in SLC? Not really… and I’m adjusting to the heat pretty well… it doesn’t bother me. Yay!

Marie: I didn’t make a straw scarf in 6th grade… but that was a while ago ;-)

Ok, this week there was a ward Christmas party for one of our wards. I sang at it. Here’s how the story goes: I was singing in our apartment, like my first week, and Sis. Rellora asked if I wanted to sing at the baptism (my first one) and I said yes. Then the people at the baptism said, “you will sing at our Christmas Party.” So I did. Yep, now I’m “the Singing Missionary” I don’t even think I’m that good (I know I’m not) but they really wanted me to, so I did…Also, I think I forgot to tell you, we had a baptism last weekend, Arden. Now his whole family are members!!! Yay! And this week we had 2 brothers be baptized. Rodel and Riscue. Their mom is a member and their dad will be baptized soon. That brings my total to 4, in case you lost track.

Oh, my watch broke a few weeks ago, so I bought a new one for only 100 pesos… that’s like 2 dollars. It looks a lot like my other one, but there’s no light. But it has a rubber band, so it’s better than my other one.

Well, that’s all for now folks!

Love you all!Mahal ko Kayo! (that’s not the same in Ilanggo, but I like it and I don’t know the Ilanggo equivalent)

Love Sister Jennie Adams (aka: Joe)

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Snow

No Snow Here!

So I had the message written and it was long... and I clicked Send... and it disappeared. :( and I used all my time.
Note from Naunie: According to what I have heard, this is not an uncommon experience for missionaries. At least she has power... when the storms knock the power out, she won't be able to e-mail at all.

Anyway, this week we went to an investigator's house that is kinda far away: we rode a bus for like 20 minutes and then crossed a river. It was a good experience, but a very interesting one.

Also, I love it here! And I am doing great!

Love Sister Adams (aka "Kana!")

P.S. Corner Crew: Eat some Vanilla wafers and rainbow chip frosting for me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello from the Philippines...

Where, lately, the use of umbrellas is for keeping out the sun...

It hasn't really rained yet... only at night (shrug) I'm sure I'll experience the wetness :)

I bought sheets here that turned me green, so I washed them, but they still turned me green, so I washed them again today... we'll see how that goes... :)

I can't look at the email you sent and write this one, so if I don't get all your questions answered, sorry :/

We DO celebrate Christmas! There's a park, called the Plaza (I think) and it's decorated like the park in Layton. They even have a snowman! I took a picture of it cause I was like, "oh, I guess it IS Christmas time..." haha, it's so warm, I have to remind myself that it's December every day...

I don't remember any other questions... Sorry...

And I don't really have much more time... I haven't received my packages yet... I'll get them tomorrow at zone meeting (I think...) But I haven't felt like I needed the mosquito netting yet.

Well, thanks for all your letters, It's weird to me to think that right now it's like the middle of the night for you! Haha, Love you!

Also, I'm speaking in Sacrament meeting on Sunday... haha this should be awesome!

Love Sister Jennie Adams