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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello from the Philippines...

Where, lately, the use of umbrellas is for keeping out the sun...

It hasn't really rained yet... only at night (shrug) I'm sure I'll experience the wetness :)

I bought sheets here that turned me green, so I washed them, but they still turned me green, so I washed them again today... we'll see how that goes... :)

I can't look at the email you sent and write this one, so if I don't get all your questions answered, sorry :/

We DO celebrate Christmas! There's a park, called the Plaza (I think) and it's decorated like the park in Layton. They even have a snowman! I took a picture of it cause I was like, "oh, I guess it IS Christmas time..." haha, it's so warm, I have to remind myself that it's December every day...

I don't remember any other questions... Sorry...

And I don't really have much more time... I haven't received my packages yet... I'll get them tomorrow at zone meeting (I think...) But I haven't felt like I needed the mosquito netting yet.

Well, thanks for all your letters, It's weird to me to think that right now it's like the middle of the night for you! Haha, Love you!

Also, I'm speaking in Sacrament meeting on Sunday... haha this should be awesome!

Love Sister Jennie Adams

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