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November 2010 - January 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Transfer Announcement

I wish there was no transfer announcement... I wish there was nothing to say. But, alas, God has other plans, and Sister Purser is leaving me. I don't know if any 6 weeks has passed by this quickly before. I swear I just became companions with Sister Purser, and I thought we would have 6 more weeks together. But that's ok, at least she's just from close by. I can see her in about (11 months... hehe). Weird, she'll be home next Christmas just like I will be...This week was fun. On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed talking to our families!!! Then we visited a member family who is less active (they came to church yesterday!) Yay, thanks family for talking to me :D See you soon! We also We had pancakes on Saturday and then the other sisters cooked for us for lunch. Then we decorated cookies that Ann Moon sent for us. :D It was way fun. We also opened presents. And then Sister Purser and I helped clean the church in the afternoon. We helped because usually no one shows up to clean the church on Saturday except the RS president... (the bathroom NEEDED to be cleaned because it was really dirty, as in... yuck). Then we ate dinner at the house of a member in Jaro 1. It was pretty good food. So, all in all, it was a good day. :DWell, we don't really have any promising prospects for baptism in January. I keep hoping, but I don't know what this area has in store for us. I don't know what Heavenly Father has in store for us... I'm excited, though, to meet my new companion on Friday. (really sad that I have a new comp, but excited to meet her... I know that is so incredibly contradictory)

Oh! I just wanted to tell one more story: Last Sunday, this man who is recently returned to activity told us to come to his Son-in-law who isn't a member, so we set up an appointment. It was kind of awkward at first cause I didn't know what to say, and he was kind of like, uh, what are 2 american girls doing in our house? Haha, but then we got talking and finally got (permission, I guess) to teach him. His name is William, and he and his wife just got married in February and they have an adorable little girl. The spirit was so strong as we taught about the restoration, tying everything back into eternal families. He really grasped the idea when I told him he could be with his wife after death. Because their marriage is so recent, I just asked them until when their marriage was valid. They both answered, "till death do us part." So we talked about what that meant, and how they could be married for eternity. At the end of the lesson was the best question, the one that made me know that William was listening. He asked how he could be really sure he would be with his wife and daughter on the other side. It opened the door to talk about covenants, and with that our first covenant, baptism. This man was prepared by God to meet us. And then we were prepared to listen to the Spirit so we could tell this man what he needed to hear. I am continually amazed at how Heavenly Father is using me to be a messenger for these people so they can accept the Gospel and be with their families forever.

All my love,

Sister Adams

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Malipayon nga Paskua!!!

I want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas. I have realized in the last week as we’ve been sharing a Christmas message to members, that I haven’t ever REALLY contemplated the meaning of Christmas.

We celebrate the birth of our Savior. Who died for me. And you. And everyone we know. Because of that, he is overjoyed when we repent, and is saddened when we choose to not obey the commandments. Think about it; you have the power to make Deity feel complete joy. I still sort of marvel at this when I think about it, and I feel a little overwhelmed at how much I am loved as a daughter of God. No wonder we celebrate Christmas!!! Just don’t lose sight of why.

This week, we had a baptism! Stephen, the 12 year old got baptized. He’s adorable, and I’m excited to see him passing the Sacrament in January. :D

Tatay Jagodilla…(have I talked about him?) Well, he broke our hearts this week. We thought all was going well and he was going to be coming to church in no time, and be baptized sometime in February or March. But we went there last Thursday and he basically told us that he won’t be forced. I left in tears, and my heart was broken. I love his family and all I want is for them to be able to go the temple. It’s kind of weird, but that night I realized that I’m doing something right, because if I was a palagpat missionary, I wouldn’t have cared about him or his family. Anyway, prayers in his direction would probably help.

We went to this place called Cabatuan on Friday, and it turns out there ARE elect people in our area. They’re just 2 jeep rides and 30 minutes away from the center of the city. We gave a Book of Mormon to a woman who can’t see well enough to read, but promised to have her daughter read to her (without us suggesting it). We also gave a copy to a woman who practically begged for it after I told her about it. Anyway, we’re going back there this week, ready to see some miracles happen.

And last in the balita this week: Jackie, our next investigator with potential to be baptized, asked some pretty awesome questions. She suffers from depression, for which she takes medication, so sometimes we get some strangely deep (or just strange) questions from her. Last week she told us she didn’t want to be baptized, but then 2 days later she texted and said she did (no matter what her mom said… she’s 27). Anyway, this week, we got 3 texts in a row from her, which basically said: (1) Why do I feel like I’m going to get nailed to a cross? (2) Is it just psychological or a real threat of society? (3) I believe that your church is the true church of God. Let’s talk on Friday. K?

I assured her that her fears weren’t real, and that we could indeed talk. To which she replied, “You’re right, I have faith in your Jesus.”

SO we are STILL having a blast, despite the minor setbacks with some investigators. After all, there must needs be opposition in all things, right?

All my love,

Sister Adams

P.S. Her next question is “how was the world created?” We’re going to do some reading on that one to make sure we only share what we should…

OH! Thanks Ann Moon for the package!!! xoxoxo

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm glad He's in charge

This week was pretty awesome. As usual.

We watched the Christmas devotional yesterday. I got a little homesick, but then the talks really made me feel an urgency to spread this message of cheer to everyone I see. Yeah, I’m missing another Christmas at home, but I know that when I get there, it’s going to be the same as it was when I left and there are Christmases to come. I guess I just realized (again) how important this is. Don’t worry, I’m not trunky, (that’s for sinners). I just want to be the best I can be for the next 3ish months.

We taught Stephen the Law of Chastity yesterday. When we got to the part about having to be married before you have a partner. He was like, “what if I don’t get married?” The way this language works, I thought he meant that he wanted a partner but not to get married, so I was like, “well, you have to get married.” Haha, he was like, “no, I just don’t want a wife.” HAHA. He’s only 12, and I remembered the YM president told us he was afraid of girls, so we told him that he didn’t have to get married. It was really funny. He also made a face like “yuck” when I said it was bawal (or… just bawal… um, forbidden) to look at pornography. This kid has no problems with the law of chastity. He’s getting baptized on Saturday!

One day, it rained constantly. I was actually cold. I wore one of the sweaters I brought with me, so it was ok. But the best part was that we didn’t get any teachings. As in totally punted. So basically, we walked around in the rain all afternoon and tried to find people to teach. I think it is days like that that Heavenly Father reminds me how much He’s in charge. I love that he is in charge. And not me.

One night, we tried to go to an investigator who wasn’t home, and we had nothing to do for the next hour. We didn’t have time to go to another area and teach someone we did know, so we were trying to figure out what we could do in the place we were in. I suddenly, “randomly” remembered a guard close by we had talked to a few weeks ago. I really had no desire to talk to him again, because he wasn’t at all interested in even talking to us… but I was like, “Sister Purser, let’s go find him again…” We had nothing else to do, so we went off to find a guard who we both knew didn’t want to talk to us. We kind of had to search for the street because last time it was raining and I was still new at that time, but we finally found it. When we got there, we saw a different guard on duty. It was a woman who was more than willing to talk to us. They have 24 hour shifts (no thanks!) and I asked if she liked to read (it’s an apartment, can you imagine sitting there all night with nothing to do but stare into space?). She said yes, so we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She thanked us multiple times, and said she’d read when she has no people to watch… This woman doesn’t even live in our area. We may never see her again, but I’m so glad I followed the prompting to find the man who didn’t want to talk to us.

I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of His children. He knows who is ready for this gospel and he knows exactly what I need to do to help them. Which is why I’m glad He’s in charge.


Sister Adams

Monday, December 6, 2010

December WHAT?

I can't believe it's December 6th. Who said it could be December? Oh well, time flies when you're having fun!

This week, Sister Purser and I had some cool experiences. Mostly just spiritual. We taught Tom Jagodilla who is a part member. His wife has been a member most of her life, and lots of missionaries have wanted to teach him, but he just wouldn't listen. But, the spirit guided me to say things to him that, if said without the spirit present, would be offensive. I don't remember what I said, but he listens now :) And I'm excited for him and his family.

We also met a neat girl named April. She is a spunky 21 year old who graduated in practical nursing. She said she'd listen, but then she said, "basi magbuot ako!" which means, "I'll probably become nice!" It was funny to me, but probably just because of her personality. She accepted a Book of Mormon and told her dad as we were leaving that she was going to become Mormon. Haha.

Then we talked to a slightly drunk man, who refused to tell us what religion he was. I finally found out that he belongs to a church that doesn't believe that Christ is the son of God. He seems cool, I hope if we ever go back there, we can talk with no alcohol. I absolutely detest alcohol. It's the way people celebrate here, and it's the way to a broken family. humph.

Stephen is doing great, on track for baptism this 18th, but the others that were supposed to be with him, aren't going to be able to be that day, or even this month... darn agency, it ruins everything.

We met a woman named Jo on a tricycle. She spoke pure English to me and told us that when we were done where we were going, we should go down the street to her house and talk to her. So we did. She demanded that we speak English (which I think was a relief for Sister Purser) and accepted a BOM and told us that she'll come to church next week because she had something to do this Sunday. She was pretty cool. I want to go back to her.

I LOVE my job because of all the diverse people I get to meet. And the ability to make their lives better. I love talking to people, and not necessarily all about the church. Mostly about THEM. And their lives. I know you're all jealous, but you shouldn't be. That's against the 10th commandment. ;)

That's this week!


Sister Adams

p.s. this week we're going to a HUGE house for lunch because we were invited to a birthday lunch of Kirt. I'm excited because they are way nice.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nagapasalamat Ako

I am thankful for being a missionary. I am also thankful that I could have a delicious lunch last Thursday. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken (not turkey...), rolls, and a cheesecake that practically made itself. No joke, we have no supplies in our kitchen, but somehow Sister Purser and I (who have never made a cheesecake in real life) put together the best cheesecake we've ever eaten... it was a day full of giving thanks. :D

I honestly feel like I am with Sister Fairweather again. We are having a blast and funny things happen every day. For example, we both thought that here in the Philippines, we would never be given an address that included a specific number (just stuff like "I live in Tanque Kalubihan! Visit sometime!). And actually, I haven't seen very many numbers on houses here, so I just thought no one used them. But we were given a referral (one of 3 yesterday, salamat!!) and his address was REALLY specific. It had a number AND a letter. So we went in search for this house. Well, we found it, and then realized that another referral that we had had a similar address so we went searching for it... That was the adventure. One where I was CORRECTED in my thinking that they don't use numbers on houses here. Everyone we asked was like, "keep going that way!" Then this woman just sort of stayed with us until we found the house. We were laughing so hard because she was practically doing our work for us. Even after we had kind of given up, she wouldn't. We eventually found the house, but didn't go inside to teach because it was time for our next appointment. Anyway, now that I read that, it doesn't sound that funny... just imagine 2 American girls following a middle aged Filipina around looking for 477-D. Maybe you'll get the effect.

That's all folks!


Sister Jennie Adams

Monday, November 22, 2010


On Friday, I've been in the Philippines for a year. Just so you know. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (yes, we're going to have a feast, I'll tell you about it next week)

Transfer day was awesome. Sister Carr and I switched places. So I am now following up Sister Purser. It is now her 3rd transfer. And she's adorable. She wears Jody's and crocs and... we're just going to have a blast. We actually both have the same Jody and toothbrush, so we took a picture because I thought it was so funny. Hilarious actually.

I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure out Jaro (J sounds like H). (Note from Naunie, Jaro is approximately 4 miles north of Iloilo City.) We are assigned to ward 2 and yesterday I had a blast because the members are so nice. Also, we have some pretty cool investigators. At least 2 are goaling to be baptized on December 18. One is a really smart 12 year old, named Stephen, (he's just like Raymart, but he has support from a family member). The other is a woman who is in her 30's (I think). Her name is Beth. And everyone we talk to is really nice. I can't explain how excited I am to be here, close to President. I'm hoping that if I transfer again, it isn't far because I don't know if I can take the travel again. I would just like this to be my last area... hmm, 3 transfers. It's possible. The 3 hour bus ride from Roxas to Iloilo is pretty much killer (all I want by the time we get here is to NOT be moving). It was kind of weird being the only Sister on the trip from Roxas, but I did it in September when we had a leadership training, so it wasn't the first time. It must be weird to be an RM and all of a sudden find yourself alone with someone of the opposite gender... hmmm, guess I'll find out...

CONGRATULATIONS ANNIE... uh, SISTER LOVE That's the mission I thought I was supposed to go to. Haha, one thing I've learned is that it's a darn good thing that we're not in charge of our lives. Love you tons Girl! See you in 2012!

Love always,
Sister Adams

Monday, November 15, 2010

Transfer Announcements

Well everyone, the time has finally come for the Roxas Rena (Queen) to step down from her throne, but she still gets to hold the title. I have been assigned here for 33 weeks... that's roughly 7 and a half months. I've had 3 companions while I've been in the wonderful city of Roxas. But now, it's time to pass on this set of members, leaders, investigators, and concerns to the next missionary. It's time for me to try my hand at another ward (or branch, or area?). When I came here, I never thought I'd be here for 5 and a half transfers. Never. But it's been great! I absolutely love it here and when (yes, when) I get a chance to come back to the Philippines, I'm definitely spending a considerable amount of time here in Roxas.

This week is going to be crazy with all the goodbyes and packing and such. I go to Iloilo on Thursday night and the transfer meeting is on Friday morning. The other 3 sisters in Roxas are staying... meaning I get to ride Solo to Iloilo. Yay! :S

This last week was ok. We taught Ernesto (only once) and he accepted a Book of Mormon. He accepted the message too. He is a surprisingly quick man (well, his mind is quick) for being 68 and having suffered a stroke. It was refreshing to teach someone who really cared about what we were saying. Please pray for his acceptance of the Restored Gospel.

I love being a missionary! And I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring! Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Love Always,
Sister Adams

Monday, November 8, 2010

Zone Con and Principals

This is last week's picture - with Sister Adams dressed up as Sister Custodia, and Sister Custodia dressed up as Sister Adams;-)

Hi Everyone!

This week, we had Zone Conference! Combined with Kalibo! Let me tell you what that means...

I got to see Sister Woodward! It was pretty awesome.And I learned a ton. I hope it helps with the work.

We met a man named Ernesto. He used to be a principal at a (several?) school(s). He spoke straight English to us, even though we were answering in Ilanggo. We told him that we were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said he hadn't ever heard of that organization before, and even went as far as to say that it wasn't a religion. Haha, but after about 5 minutes of talking, I asked him if he knew "Mormons." THEN he knew who we were. And proceeded to say, "Eh, suppose... I wanted to know more about your religion... Could you, eh, schedule me in some day, and come and have a session with me?" Haha, it was awesome. His house is gargantuan, which, secretly, it's my dream to teach someone that lives in one of those mysterious, large houses. Even though you know they're part of the dominant religion in this country. That's all I've wanted here, I want to teach the humble who are not compelled to be that way. Anyway, I'm scared out of my mind, we can't mess this up. The Spirit is absolutely necessary. Our appointment is tomorrow, between 3 and 4, and he hopes "that we won't be absent." True to teacher form. Haha. :) So, any prayers in that direction would be deeply appreciated.

I'm having a great time with Sister Custodia! We laugh everyday about our forgetfulness and inside jokes. I love laughing. A mission without laughing would be a dreary one indeed.

Love you all, Keep smiling!

Sister Jennie Adams

Dear Annie Love,
ahem, dear, if I don't hear from you personally SOON, I just might have to come home right now and speak to you face to face.I love you to the Philippines and back!
Love,Sister Adams

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, just one. Thanks for the package mom! and Jimmy, and Marie! I presented Halloween (aka dum-dums) to every member in Roxas ward 3 (that came to church yesterday)So, I couldn't think of anything to dress up as this year... so I decided to use the same costume as last year (sister missionary), but I'm pretty sure I gave away the shirt I wore, and the skirt... well let's just say it's in storage for now... SO, I decided to be Sister Custodia... for about 2 minutes to take a picture (which I'll send next week, I think).

This week was full of no teachings. Because it's semester break, and no one was home. It's really tiring to go from appointment to appointment and not being able to teach because they aren't home. I'm hoping that this week, they run out of excuses to not be home. Probably by Wednesday because today and tomorrow are Holidays (all souls day and all saints day). Lets hope!

It's also been raining buckets every day. An effect of the typhoons I think. Anyway, we're wet. And I am always very very very happy I am not required to wear nylons and that my shoes are just rubber. And that my clothes dry quickly. Yes, missionary work in the rain can be enjoyable, if you are dressed properly.

Well, I apologize for yet another uneventful week. Maybe stuff happens, but I just forget when I'm writing home. Thanks for all your letters and prayers!

Sister Adams

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Everyone!!!

So, I think you all should read 1 Nephi 16. Then write down all the lessons you can learn from it. It is an absolutely incredible chapter, and you see the true character of all the people involved... So, yeah, read it.

This week has been kinda hard. The excuse of the week is "it's elections! we're going home to vote!" (elections for Barangay Kagagawad which are leaders for the community... a barangay is like a unit inside of a city. It has a hall and a captain, and kagawads which are like councilors) Anyway, if someone isn't living in the place they grew up and therefore registered to vote, then they have to go home to that place. Also, even if they don't have to go home, they're busy with campaigning and such. But it's ok because as I type, there are people voting. So by tomorrow, it'll all be over. Yay! I'll just wait for the next excuse :)

Our other problem is it's the semester break until November. So I have a feeling we're going to get punted a lot this week because quite a few of our investigators are students and they might go on vacation.

One time, before I came to serve the Lord for 18 months, a friend of mine who was a full time missionary sent me a drawing of himself punching the daylights out of Satan. I didn't really get it. I was like, "cool, he's a good artist." And then I put the letter away, not really thinking about it again. Well, now, as a full time missionary myself... I totally get it. In fact, I would love to be the one punching the daylights out of Satan. I hate the fact that he has so much influence. I see it everywhere: in members (young men) who drink and smoke with their friends and then are too ashamed to come to church. In nonmembers who also drink and smoke and gamble with their friends and "don't have time" for us. Even more subtly in good people who have slowly let unimportant things take the place of "seeking the kingdom of God" on the top of their "to do" list. (See Matt. 6 or 3 Nephi 13). I now completely understand why my friend felt the way he did and drew the picture he did. Unfortunately, Satan has no body and therefore can not be beat up. Or maybe fortunately. You see, if he did have a body, his influence would ruin the entire world.

That's why, my friends, we NEED to stay close to God. We NEED the power of prayer and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We NEED the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we NEED to help others find it. So that we can lessen Satan's influence. I love being a missionary. And the opportunity to serve these people. They need so much what we have, and I'm happy to give it to them. Please pray for the hearts of people everywhere to be prepared to receive the Restored Gospel.

Love Always,

Sister Adams

Monday, October 18, 2010

another week

I apologize. I can't think of anything creative that happened this week. But, the father in law of our ward mission leader just passed away, so basically everything that he (our ward mission leader) does has come to a point of not functioning at all. The best part, the burial isn't till this Saturday, so we get another week of a non-functioning ward mission leader. But hopefully we get him back next week, keep your fingers crossed.

How is Elder Ward (I guess it's just Matthew now...) doing? Pass on my hello!

I'm kind of feeling like my time here in Roxas is coming to a close. Transfer day is still pretty far away (November 19) but I feel like I've done what I came to Roxas to do, and it's about time for me to move on. I have grown to love it here- and actually this is my longest area. It's impossible for me to be this long in an area again.

I know that the Lord watches over His missionaries. Something that Sister Stadler said (in a letter) kind of hit me today, because I've kind of been struggling with the fact that laziness and idleness are an epidemic here. She said that we will never be given trials that we can't handle. We will be stretched to our very limits, but because He doesn't set his children (missionaries included) up for failure, there is no way I can fail. I just have to trust Him. I know that this IS the Lord's work, not mine, and not President Pagaduan's. I also believe that there are elect people out there (even here in Roxas) We just need the faith to find them. I love being a missionary, and I love all the support I receive from everyone. Until next week!


Sister Jennie Adams

Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference

was awesome. I was slightly stunned by the closing prayer though, because he said, " a few short months, we will be gathered together again to listen to thy prophets..." or something like that... the phrase that caught my attention was "a few short months" It's true, but I didn't want to hear that 6 months is short... Also, last October and April, I searched and searched but I could not see my choir teacher anywhere in the choir at conference, I thought she quit. But finally yesterday (when I was looking for my cousin, who I did not see) I saw her! It made my heart happy that my favorite teacher in high school didn't quit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...anyway...

Dear Sister Danner,Don't be afraid of Jody Dresses. I repeat, DON'T be afraid of Jody Dresses. They are the easiest to wash, they dry fast and they eliminate the stressfulness of trying to match the same old blouse to the same old skirt and not die of boredom in the process. Trust me, giving up your style for 16 months (because I wore normal clothes in the MTC) is worth the time you'll save in doing laundry. And if you have a pair of rubber shoes (like "cute" crocs) you'll be a step ahead of the rest when you get to Iloilo. (no pun intended) Hmm... If I think of anything else I wish I would have known before I left, I'll write it here...And yes, my mom does have amazing computer skills... but you know, she has developed those since I left. See you SOON! And have fun in the MTC!

This week was awesome. Sister Cornelio and I were finally split up after 6 months of being in the same house (but never companions). She is now in Iloilo. Her replacement is Sister Ganta from India. She is brand new, so we have lots of what we call "celestial powers" in Roxas. :D This means that Roxas will probably be Sister Gonimil's last area, seeing as she leaves on December 29. Anyway, we're excited to get to know about India and Sister Ganta. :D

We went back to Raymart yesterday. Remember him? He was going to be baptized right before the Cebu Temple dedication, but he decided not to. We taught a lesson about baptism to him and his older sister Rose Ann. Sometimes it's really hard to help people understand when they think they already get it... but I hope and pray that something will click and make even more sense.

Our baptismal candidates have gone from 1 to 2 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 1 to 0 (over the weeks), without any baptisms. It's a struggle when people choose to use their agency in that way. I told Sister Custodia that maybe Satan had the right idea when he wanted to take away our agency... Maybe we could just suspend it for a while? Like a privilege given to kids... Just kidding. I'm just voicing a small frustration.

We're going to try something new this week. In the Philippines, EVERYONE has a fence and a gate surrounding their house. So this week, we're going to try and go inside some of the big, heavy, rich looking gates, and not just stick to the easy small ones made of bamboo...
Wish us luck! Or better yet, pray for us!

All my Love,
Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. Congratulations to my Baby Brother, who has long since passed baby stage, for being baptized last Saturday! I love you Taylor!

P.P.S WELCOME HOME ELDER WARD! See you "in a few short months"!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Transfer Announcements

I GET TO STAY IN ROXAS!!! WITH MY BATA (child, or trainee)!!! I am so excited that I get six more weeks in this place that I have come to love! I am also excited that I get to watch my second (and last) General Conference in the Philippines in Roxas. Well, I would be excited no matter where I got to watch.

But I am extra excited I get to stay here.We had a really good Zone Meeting earlier, where I got some good ideas about how to better teach people. I'm excited to start trying them. I've been struggling lately just getting in the door because people are soooo "busy." But now I am going to try focusing it all on them, so they feel like we are interested in them as people. *sigh* maybe by next March, I'll figure out how to do this missionary thing... it's hard, but I love the rewarding things that happen. Like the member who came to church for the 2nd time in a row yesterday! I've been visiting ever since I got here, but just now did he come (last week).

I don't really have any news this week... just business as usual... just a little wetter, because it rains almost every day...

I am so grateful to belong to God's Kingdom here on earth. I love being part of such a great work, "a marvelous work." I know that THIS church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration, and since him, we've had a living prophet on the earth. I love the opportunity I have to teach the people here how to be together forever. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with MY family forever. I know that the Book of Mormon IS the word of God, and in it is the fullness of the everlasting gospel.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support.

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, September 27, 2010

What happened to September?

Hey Everyone!I totally forgot to tell you last week that we have a really easy address. Are you ready? Here it is:
Sister Jennie Adams
P.O. Box 43
Iloilo City 5000

I know, it's REALLY hard... I hope no one is confused. ;)
President said to encourage the use of this because they pay a fee to the Post Office to maintain it. Everything can be sent there: packages and letters. The only thing you can't send there is a door-to-door service (like UPS?) Anyway, mostly, use this one. :D Thanks! (it will get to me if you send to the other one, but President said that this one is better.)
Well, this week, God reminded me that He is in charge of everything. And He also let me know that I really am doing some good. You see, all week we had appointment after appointment fall through. We taught lessons, but I was feeling a little down because no one seemed to be a progressing investigator. And none of the "returning members" (no more "less actives") seemed to say that they would come to church. Actually the entire time I've been in Roxas, I've struggled with the fact that not very many of those returning members that I've visited seem to want to return to church. I also found out on Saturday that one of our investigators won't listen to me because I'm American. And he won't listen to anyone who is American. (he's only 10, and his parents are members). I still have to figure out why he hates me... And in the middle of that day someone decided to try and teach me about their church. He was one of those people who are out to prove the rightness of them and the wrongness of you. He seemed nice, but I knew he just wanted to convince me that I was wrong. We are not to debate, it is neither missionary-like, or Christ-like. So I just told him to have a nice day and walked away. But I was really down at this point. By the time we got home and I texted the Zone Leaders to inform them so, I put a little smiley face at the end of the message (we're home now :-) ) He replied and said, I'm glad you're happy! Haha, I was only happy the day was over.
Well, Sunday was the day God decided to show me His power. In short, there were 4 recent converts (still going strong!), 3 investigators, 6 returning members (one that I've been visiting for 6 months, and hasn't come to church till yesterday), and 1 referral were at church. When the last one came in to the chapel, I cried. Then I said a little prayer of thanks.
I know that this is not MY work. This is God's work. And it is my privilege to be a part of it. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the lives of these wonderful people, and especially to be a part of bringing the gospel to them, and them to the gospel. I know that I am not alone in my efforts to bring others to Christ. Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Love Always,
Sister Jennie Adams

Friday, September 24, 2010

Leadership Training

So, the leadership training was on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really cool actually. I learned a lot, and came home from Iloilo with a renewed feeling... like, "yeah, I CAN do this... even in Roxas."

Anyway, on Tuesday night, after we ate dinner, the APs said "we know how excited you all are to apply what you learned today, so now we will announce the split assignments and you can go work tonight." I was cool with that (well, I really wanted to relax and talk to Sister Carr, but applying what I learned was a much better idea...). So I went with the Sister that I was assigned to (there were only 4 of us at the meeting) and we headed to the house she had decided we could go to (she decided because it was her area). When we left the church, it was kind of raining, but not too hard, so I wasn't worried about the fact that I left my umbrella at the apartment. We climbed in a jeepney and it was still just kind of sprinkling, so I was thinking we were fine. Well, as we neared our destination, we could tell by the looks of the people getting on that it was starting to rain pretty hard now. Sister Arellano had an umbrella, but it was kind of small... but such is missionary work- sometimes you get wet. So when our stop came, we sighed and got off the jeep into the now-pouring rain. Under one umbrella. We both had our copies of Preach My Gospel and some papers that they gave us at the training since we didn't go home first... so here we were 2 Sisters walking down the street in the torrential down pour, huddled under an umbrella trying to protect our things from the rain. I had my WONDERFUL rubber shoes on, so I was fine when the street turned into a river. But Sister Arellano had just planned for a meeting, so her shoes were a little nicer. So because of that, we would stop for a second whenever we came to a speed bump (that wasn't covered in water) or anything else that was higher and big enough for us to stand on. I think the house was about 10 feet away when we stopped for the last time. At this point it had been raining so hard that the street was flooded so much that you couldn't tell where the pavement ended and the dirt shoulder began. As we stepped off of our "high ground" for the last time, we were surprised when we found ourselves falling in 2 feet of water. We had stood on a bridge over a drainage ditch, but it looked exactly the same as the street, so we just took the shortest path to our destination. Haha, it was hilarious (but only because I managed to get out of the water before my camera got wet). There was a deaf girl that saw the whole thing and apparently tried to warn us, but... well, I guess we didn't see the warning. Sister Arellano escaped without a mark on her, and I walked away with only a few scrapes on my knee. And we both walked away with a story to tell.

Well, that was pretty much the funny story of the week! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Love, Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. Note from Naunie... Sorry, I spaced posting this letter on Monday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Jennie!

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring....

but, don't worry, I don't usually hear old men snoring. ;)It's been a wet week. Every day (almost) it is SO hot in the morning. Then at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon (sometimes sooner) it POURS. I'm talking buckets. Anyway, it's kind of hard to find motivation to go out those days because it's not fun to do missionary work if you're soaked to the skin. But the rain usually only lasts a couple of hours, and then it's a nice cool temperature for the rest of the day.

Anyway, enough of the weather report...This week, we gave a baptismal date to a guy named John. He said he would prepare to be baptized on October 30, and I am pretty hopeful. He is in college and living away from home (but he's a lot like I was in college... and goes home like every weekend). So we just need to convince him to stay in Roxas for one weekend so he can experience church.... We're praying!

We had Mission Tour last week. On Wednesday, President Edwards came to Roxas. I got to meet a General Authority. He gave an awesome training about how to develop charity and humility (which wasn't even planned, he asked if we had any questions and 2 Elders asked about Charity and Humility). Then he talked about how to ask inspired questions... something that I definitely need to work on. Anyway, it was pretty cool to meet him and learn from him.

And today, I'm going to Iloilo for a leadership training. I get to travel with 4 elders. no sisters. (because it's for trainers and leaders only...) It's going to be interesting. But I'm SUPER excited for the training because it's all about the new curriculum. I'm ready to learn and come back and apply everything.

Well, I think that's about all for this week!

Love always,

Sister Jennie Adams

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happiness and Humility

So this week, I've felt a little stressed. Our investigators aren't really what I thought they were, so we have been trying to figure out ways to get more. The urgency to find new people to teach, coupled with the fact that I was feeling at a loss as to HOW, filled my heart with depression (Alma 26:27). But yesterday, my family (the one in the picture I sent last week
(see last weeks blog, the Llave family: Rose, Karen and Pabs)) worked with us. They brought their strong testimonies and their tricycle. It was an awesome experience. The lessons are so much more powerful when you have a local member to back you up. I went home feeling much better than I had all week (even though no investigators came to church). I have some fresh ideas and a fresh look on a fresh week. Things are looking up.
I also had a lesson in humility this week. To understand this, we must rewind my life almost a year (yeah, a
year). When I was in the MTC, there was one thing that they repeated over and over. No matter where we were, this piece of advice, commandment really, was repeated. Every day. And then in our last devotional, it was really stressed. Every time I heard this commandment, I thought, "duh, I know that... no worries here." This commandment is "Don't Do Stupid Things." Now, fast forward again to last Thursday. In the Philippines, there are frequent brownouts. It's normal, so to save on batteries, we keep candles on hand for light in case the brownout happens at night. Thursday, there was a brownout, so when we came home from work, we lit some candles and planned as usual ("no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing"). We finished planning and the power still wasn't on. I won't go into detail, but basically, because we were done planning, and I got distracted with an index card and the candle wax, the card ended up bursting into flames, and my right index finger came out of the ordeal with a giant blister on the end. It hurt. But I think it hurt my pride more than my finger. All I could think was, "thatwas really stupid. Didn't I listen in the MTC?" I kind of cried to myself, but not because of how painful it was. Because of how much work I felt would be effected by this small, simple, stupid act. I wondered how I would sleep that night (because it hurt pretty bad), how I would do laundry, how I would cook, how I would do pretty much everything a missionary needs to do. I tell you, you don't know how much you use your right index finger until you no longer have use of it. Anyway, before I went to sleep, I remembered that frequently repeated statement in the MTC. "Don't Do Stupid Things." But this time, the thought that followed it was much more humble than it was last fall, "Ok, I'll do all I can to never do stupid things again." So, in case you are all wondering, they aren't just talking to the Elders (sorry...) when they say "Don't Do Stupid Things." Also, in case you are wondering, my finger is doing quite well. It actually stopped hurting before I woke up Friday (which I am very grateful for), and it is well on it's way to recovery. But until then (and probably for a long while after that), every time I look at it, I will remember that very valuable lesson.
So folks, that's all for now. I love you all, Sister Custodia is doing awesome, and THANK YOU for your prayers,
letters and support.
Sister Adams

I got a letter from Ann Moon (which I am in the middle of answering... just wait about 2 weeks for it to get to you)
and a letter from Jimmy and Taylor
and a letter from Grandma
P.P.S. Also, I want my cousin Elder Ward to know that I am sending a letter... and that he's pretty much the coolest missionary I know!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sister Custodia

My new companion is Sister Custodia from Laguna (Philippines). We have had an awesome few days! Full of traveling,and walking and being SO completely exhausted that we fall into bed at about 10 pm. :D Missionary life is GOOD!
We had Stake Conference yesterday, which was pretty awesome. The attendance for our ward was 108, which is about 30 more than the average. It's kinda sad, cause I think they mostly come to see friends from other wards... *sigh* they've got the action right, we just need to work on the reason. haha.
President and Sister Pagaduan were invited to be speakers at our Stake conference. I really enjoyed President's talk. He mentioned that now he knows what the missionaries mean when they say that the members in a certain area are "mabuot" (nice). Haha, he was like, "mabuot = pagkaon" (food). Then he said that the missionaries are needing to buy new pants... Haha, he is really funny. And Sister talked about being humble. It was really nice. There was also an area 70 there, Elder Costales. (I have NO idea if I spelled that right...)
Well, if I thought time flew before, I'm pretty sure it's going to FLY now. It's really weird to think that I've been in Roxas for 5 months now... Yeah. By the end of this transfer it will be 6 months. CRAZY. But I absolutely love it here, and I would stay here for 5 more transfers if I could... Anyway, Sister Custodia and I are working hard! We're hoping for a baptism on September 25, but it's not completely sure. The rest of our candidates are in October.
We're looking for the elect. In the mean time, I'll stay away from the mosquitoes and dogs!
Til next time,
Sister Adams

Monday, August 23, 2010

When President Pagaduan Calls

you naturally get a little nervous. The AP texted on Saturday night and said that President wanted to talk to me and asked when he could call. We said ok... we were planning for Sunday, but you can put that on hold for a phone call from the President. I was a little nervous cause he just wanted to talk to me, not any of the other Sisters in the apartment... SO we waited for the call... it never came. I went to bed on Saturday night not sure what to think. Why in the world does he want to talk to me??? Sister Gonimil joked with me and said, "Sister Adams, you're training!" But my reaction to that was, "no, I'm not." Anyway, I was really curious... President doesn't just call missionaries for no reason. I thought it maybe had something to do with something I wrote in my weekly report last week. I had asked a question... but I really had no idea. So yesterday, we got up early because we had business at the church at 7 am (just wait... one story at a time). Anyway, President called as we were walking out the door. He asked if he could speak with me privately for a minute. Then he told me that he had been on his knees for the last few weeks and his knees were swollen. Then he said that I am to be a trainer for one of the new missionaries this transfer. Yes, I too, must step out of the comfort of having a companion who has been here for a while, and step into the GIANT shoes of trainer. I get to pick up my new companion on Friday. I'm really excited, but only because I know that this is revelation and therefore, I will not be the only one training this new missionary. Thank heavens!

SO the reason we were going to the church at 7 am (actually we were late, we were supposed to be there at 6:30). To get the answer to that, we have to back up to Friday. On Friday, there was a brown out. Which means that the electric pump that puts water into the baptismal font in about 45 minutes didn't work... so it would take about 3 hours to fill it up. So, Sister Mindaluz had to wait for Sunday to be baptized (Saturday didn't work for them). But, in order to be confirmed the same day, she needed to be baptized before the 8 am service started. The family was there bright and early. I am so happy. These people are the highlight of Roxas. The best part is that they have cousins that live in this ward too, and some of them have started coming to church. It's awesome to see new members doing missionary work. :D

I love hearing about what you all are doing! Keep writing!

Love,Sister Adams

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday the 13th

was our super duper Zone Conference. They changed the way Zone Conference is held. Instead of making some travel very long distances and becoming poor because of travel expenses, they are now holding Zone Conferences for individual Zones. So for Roxas Zone, our conference was on Friday the 13th. I thought it was kinda funny... (p.s. nothing bad happened that day...) I like almost everything about not combining Zone Conference. I was only sad that we don't get to see other missionaries... But that's ok because the things I learned at the conference will really help with the work here. They have started what's called "Simplified Curriculum" and it is basically going back to the basics. One of the things included is an emphasis on inviting investigators to be baptized in the first or second visit... which is a little scary for me to think about, but it's "the way" so I have committed to try it. I guess they have seen great success in other areas that have done this, so I'm actually excited to (get over my fear and) try it!I can't believe I've almost been in Roxas for 5 months! Next week is transfer announcement, and I'm pretty sure one of us is transferring. But we'll have to wait until next week to find out who!!! Haha!

Whelp, that's about all I have to report for this week! We have a baptism on Friday! Sister Mindaluz (the mom of the kids that were baptized on the 6th) is getting baptized! I am so happy for this family... The fact that they will all be members by Sunday fills my heart with joy (or warm fuzzies, if you want to put it that way).

Anyway, thank you all for your support and prayers! Till next week!


Sister Adams

Monday, August 9, 2010

To the fam

that means YOU... yep, everyone.

The baptisms were successful! They happened on Friday the 6th and the confirmations were on Sunday the 8th. I actually thought that they wouldn't make it to church in time to be confirmed. Sacrament started (kind of late) and they still weren't there. I was getting a little worried and praying like crazy (it's a missionary's saddest day when the converts don't make it to the confirmation...) Anyway, they made it while were singing the sacrament hymn. Their confirmation took place after the speakers (yeah, a little different, but hey, the important thing is that it happened!) Then, after sacrament meeting, I found out why they were late. You see here in the Philippines, most people take tricycles everywhere. Some (like the Besa family) are lucky enough to have their own tricycle. However... Like cars in the states, tricycles need to be registered. And there are laws about how old you have to be to drive (18). So... The Besa family tricycle's registration fell due a little more than a month ago, and they don't really have the money to re-register it right now... so they didn't . And John (the 13 year old) is usually the one driving. BUT... usually on Sunday, there are no traffic. Usually. Yesterday was different. There was a traffic enforcer between their house and the church (on the shortest route). SO they took the long way... and were late.I think we forgot the "obey and honor the law" lesson... I'll do better next time.

That's all for now folks. I'm alive and well! Thanks for all your prayers!

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Week

in the Life of Sister Adams.

I just want you all to know that I am doing amazing. I love this work (even though it's incredibly hard sometimes). I have come to love the members here... with all their quirks, haha. They are like my family now. We have a few member families that we are particularly close to, so I'm really having a great time. On top of that, I'm learning so much; about missionary work, about Jesus Christ, and about myself. I have amazing leaders who give awesome trainings for us to get better at being missionaries. I love it... all of it. Even the hard times (you know, the "there must needs be opposition in all things"). And I am SO grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of this City... to help them become a stronger ward, to help them (yep, even members) come closer to Christ. That is my purpose, and I do what I can to fulfill it.

This week, Sister Mindaluz (the Besa Mom) has gotten even more open with us. She talks to us more, and we are praying for her to accept the invitation to be baptized. She still doesn't feel completely comfortable with that idea, so I think I am praying harder than I've ever prayed for her. I want so badly for their family to be able to go to Cebu and be sealed for all eternity.

On Friday or Sunday (we haven't worked out the exact date yet because there are work schedule conflicts...) my bright spots for the last 3 months will be baptized. I am incredibly happy, but nervous. Satan is EVERYWHERE he is trying SO hard for the work of God to stop. Because of this, any prayers in behalf of the Besa family are more than welcome.

Thank you all who have written me. I love hearing about your lives... it's cool, but kind of weird to hear about life going on without me... haha. But keep it up :D

That's all for now, I can't believe it's August! Wow, time flies when you're having fun!

Love Always!

Sister Adams

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Things

Happen to you if you just wait patiently.

On Friday, we had a hard time at first because no one would work with us. We were done with one of our appointments at a part member (which was kind of hard because her interest is about zero) and we were deciding whether to go to one more or just go home because it was almost 8 (our curfew). We were standing there on a corner and a truck pulled up and rolled down his window and asked us which church we belonged to. We told him and I was afraid we were going to be told we weren’t allowed to go to that place anymore (like what happened in Silay). But instead he told us that he wanted to change religions and that he was interested in the Mormon church. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a promise to visit him the next day. We then proceeded to walk home… sort of in a daze, like “What just happened???” We visited him on Saturday and he has LOTS of questions because he reads the Bible, but it isn’t clear to him. We told him to come to church, but he got sick yesterday so he couldn’t come. But we are really excited about him. His name is JC and he is 28 years old. He is single, but I think that he has great potential to be a leader in the church.

Most of our investigators are kids, so that’s why we are so excited to be teaching an adult. Don’t worry though; all of our kids belong to members… just less active ones. We’re trying to build up the strength of the ward. We actually visited a former Branch President last night who has an unbaptized daughter who is 9. When I asked his wife to say the closing prayer, she prayed for courage to return to church. It’s been a while since they have been to church, so they are kind of shy to come back. But they want to. That’s actually the concern with a lot of families in our area, so we have a lot of work to do!

I’m doing well, and I’m healthy! No worries! :) The Lord takes care of His Missionaries!

I love you all, thank you for your letters and support!

Love, Sister Adams

P.S. Sister Addangna and I went to Iloilo on Tuesday for a doctor apt for her. We stopped by the new office and saw the new mission logo.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good News......

I don't have dengue! I've been feeling under the weather this last week, and when I told my Mission Mom my symptoms, she kindly told me to get to a doctor as soon as possible. It turns out it's viral? Or something, and the doctor just gave me some medicine... I'll probably live ;)
Note from Naunie : Dengue fever is a virus-based disease spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms include: Fever (as high as 104-105), Rash, Headache, Fatigue, Joint aches, Muscle aches, Nausea, Swollen lymph nodes, Vomiting..... Sounds like great fun... NOT

We had a pretty blah week... I wasn't the only one feeling under the weather. We were both not feeling well, so our work suffered a little. But we're still doing ok.

The Besa Family is doing awesome. The ward has really taken the responsibility to fellowship them. And they're all really excited to be baptized (except their mom... but we're working on it)

It's been raining a lot lately... And I'm ever more grateful for my rubber shoes! They're holding up really well! Yay!

Sorry I don't have much to report this week... yay for being sick (I know you don't want to hear about what it's like to lay in bed all day...)

Don't worry though! Next week will be full of experiences because one of our goals this week is to not be sick (it's actually "bawal" or forbidden... haha)

Love you all!!!!!

Sister Adams

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

It's really funny here... when it rains, no one goes anywhere. And it's a valid excuse most places. For example, yesterday, it rained, so the attendance in Sacrament meeting was 44 (It's usually up around 75). Haha, the leaders are like, "No one came to church! Cause it's raining!" ...

but also yesterday, we had what we call "Search and Rescue." We had ward members gather, then Sister Addangna (Ad-ahng-na) and I split. We went into 3 teams and visited members that are less active. We found 6 unbaptized kids that are part member families. And when everyone came back, they were all happy and excited for next week when we do it again (because we're going to do this every week!) It is so awesome to see how excited everyone is in the ward... I think it will be contagious. Yay!

Today, we had transfer announcements. Me and Sister Addangna are staying, but Sister Galicia is transferring. Sister Cornelio is staying in her ward. It's kind of weird to have a 3 week transfer... but that's ok. I'm glad we're staying because I don't want to leave yet, but Roxas 3 still needs my companion. :)

President and Sister Pagaduan came to our apartment on Wednesday night. We had a nice little visit. They're way nice, and it was weird (and hard?) to speak English to them (for some reason, I find it hard to speak English to most Filipinos), but I had to because I don't speak their language (Tagalog) and they don't speak the language here yet. Haha... I'm really excited for the coming months!

One thing that's really sad here is that there isn't a law (enforced?) about drinking age. Some people send their 5 year olds to buy their alcohol and cigarettes for them. It's incredibly easy for anyone to get alcohol and tobacco here. But John isn't going to drink again, and he's attending seminary :D And I think all 3 of them will be baptized on August 7! Yay!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Know that I feel it.

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, July 5, 2010


No, they don't have any celebrations here, but I wore red, white, and blue yesterday, and I sang the National Anthem a few times to myself and my companion. :) I hope someone watched some fireworks and ate some potato salad for me!

This week was pretty interesting. It's nice to have some fresh ideas in this area... it just wasn't progressing and I feel like we were just out of ideas last transfer. It's going to be a good transfer. Actually the transfer is over next week. It's only 3 weeks long because the transfer day is changing for us in Iloilo mission. Usually the transfer is 6 weeks long... there won't be very many changes though... most likely all the Sisters will stay in Roxas (there are 4 of us). Which is ok with me because Roxas 3 NEEDS Sister Addangna...

Anyway, we're still working with the Besa kids! We found out yesterday that one of them has been drinking... as in alcohol. We were really sad, but we just went over the word of wisdom again, invited him to commit to not drink, and moved his date to August 7. It's going to be a little rough for him, but it's better to wait and be sure, than to rush and then have him become inactive...

Thank you all for all your prayers and support. I know that this is the Lord's Work, and that we are just instruments in his hands. I am trying to be the best instrument that I can be.

I love you all!

Sister Adams

Monday, June 28, 2010

Expect the unexpected

Well, this week was an interesting one... but not with the work because I spent 2 days traveling, and I was sick for a couple too... then there was the day Sister Cortes spent packing. I got to Iloilo on Thursday night and slept there so I could pick up my new companion on Friday. When I got to the transfer meeting, I found out who my new companion was and I was confused. Sister Addangna got to the field the same day as me, that's why I was a little confused. And then I found out that there was a mix up in the announcement and I was not to be the senior after all. It was a little awkward at first, but now it's ok. I guess I still have lots to learn! Haha!

Christian Mae, John-John, and Kane are well on their way to baptism. The two older ones are even attending seminary. I'm really excited for them. And we're going to give their mom a baptismal date soon. And we're working with brother so he can baptize them :D Yay!

I haven't met our new Mission President yet... as far as I know, he's still in Provo... He gets here on Wednesday the 30th of June. We're excited!

We got a new Zone Leader, but now our ZL's are split and both training... Haha, I'm so glad I'm not an elder! That's never going to happen to me...Thank you all for your support and love!

Love you all tons!Sister Jennie Adams

ps sorry so short today

Monday, June 21, 2010

Transfer Announcements

Not everyone can say that they served in 2 missions on the same trip. But I can. And I can say that exactly half of my mission was Philippines Bacolod Mission, and that exactly half (will be) Philippines Iloilo Mission. I am staying in Roxas. But Sister Cortes is going to Negros. There are only 3 American Sisters on this Island: Sister Woodward (my MTC comp), me, and Sister Carr (who came one transfer before me, I met her in MTC) There are (as far as I know) 5 American Sisters on Negros... Sister Stadler, Sister Ball, Sister Whitehead (S. Johnson's Bata (trainee)) and the trainees of Sister Fair and Sister Grant. I don't know if any of them are transferring to this island, and I don't know how many new ones there are... let you all know next week, I guess! Also, I am losing my freedom of relaxation... I am becoming senior companion. I'm kind of excited, but a little nervous. But I trust that nothing is impossible with God, and that this is revelation... so, I can do it.

We had Panay Conference on Friday. It was cool. I learned a lot, and I am definitely going to go through my notes this week before transfers. I realized that I have kind of leveled out... and that's not good. We should always be progressing, so I am going to look at where I'm lacking, and try to change. So that I end up where I want to be in 9 months from now.We gave John-John a baptismal date! The 3 Besa kids will be baptized (hopefully by their dad) on July 24th. I'm really excited for them. :D And Raymart actually talked to us yesterday... he's just kind of a moody teenager (pre-teen?) Anyway, I would consider that progress too :)

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I love hearing about what you're all up to, so thanks a bunch for the letters :)

Love you all,Sister Adams

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Can Be Together Forever...And now, in the Philippines, twice as many people get that opportunity. The Cebu City temple dedication was yesterday. We went to two of the three sessions, and they were great. I saw a different side of our Prophet... haha. He's a pretty funny guy. Also, at the last session, one of the assistants to the matron (who is from Idaho) said, "As we were getting ready to leave on our mission to the Philippines, my dear friend Ruth, who is from your wonderful country, shared with me advice, recipes, and her desire for me to like rice more than I like potatoes." I am pretty sure I am the only one who silently giggled at that comment... none of the Filipinos know about the association of potatoes and Idaho... Oh, maybe the man from Texas chuckled at it too. I saw him when we stood to do the Hosanna shout, so afterwords I talked to him (whenever I see an American at church that isn't a missionary, I talk to them, to find out what brought them to this side of the world.) Anyway, his name is Bobby and he served his mission in Quezon City and one of his missionary friends invited him to the dedication. Anyway, he was nice and told me that his advice for me was to be like the people here. I'll try... haha.

Today, we just got done giving an elementary school a makeover. It was in bad shape and class opens TOMORROW! The principal was worried and heard that the Mormon Helping Hands were helping clean up the schools and requested our help. Our district meetings moved to Monday morning (from Tuesday morning) so we took our CSP clothes to the church and changed right after our meeting and (10 of us) hopped on a (one) tricycle and made the (rather long) journey to the school... where we painted and cleaned up a little. I think there were about 20 members there (including 10 missionaries). It was good, and the principal was so thankful, she fed us lunch. Now, it's approximately 2:30 pm, and I still have to go grocery shopping... we were invited to an FHE/family reunion... and we are meeting in 2 hours... :S

This week, we gave 2 of the Besa kids a baptismal date for July 24. We hope to add their brother (John-John) and their mom (Mindaluz) to that list before too long. They came to the cultural celebration broadcast on Saturday and they liked it. I am pretty excited for them.

Well, I think that's all I have to report on :) Keep on being awesome! Love, Sister Adams

P.S. Monday is Judgment Day... Transfer Announcements, but not just any transfer announcements... where you go next week is where you stay! The mission is splitting!!!

P.P.S (pictures) Mormon Helping Hands and the Besa Family :) Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Caves, Temples, and Baptismal dates (hopefully)

Today was our Zone Activity. We went to Pilar (our ZL's area) and hiked in some caves. It was way fun, and not too hard so I'm not exhausted... I would send pictures, but last time I tried that, my sd card broke.

Next Sunday is the Cebu City Temple Dedication... and we get to go!!! Haha, just kidding... We get to see it, but from right here in Roxas. It's being broadcast throughout the Country. The members here are so excited because it's a lot cheaper to go to Cebu than to Manila. I'm excited for them, and every time someone talks about going to the temple, I miss it. We are so blessed to live in a place that the temple is SO close. They aren't busy enough... go and give the temple workers something to do! ;)

Also, next Saturday, is the Cultural celebration. It, too, will be broadcast, so we're going :) Yay!

And yesterday, an entire investigator family came to church. The dad is a member, but he's inactive. There are 4 kids (3 above 8) and the mom. Sister Cortes and I couldn't stop smiling! It's kinda sad they can't come to church next week (the temple dedication takes place of regular meetings, and only members with a ticket can go). But that's ok, they are awesome, and we're really excited!

Next Saturday (the 18th) we have an "island conference" it's really Zone Conference, but it's the entire Panay Island in Iloilo. It's going to be cool to see everyone who is on the Island right now... too bad that doesn't include Sister Stadler or Sister Fairweather... Oh well.

Love you tons!

Sister Adams

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello to Everyone I Love

So, last week I had to sit and think of something... anything... interesting to write to you. This week is different... I have to sit and think of what to write first. I guess I'll start with the sad news, that way, we can end happy... deal?

We visited Raymart yesterday. He didn't come to church, and the people he usually comes with said he was tired because he was out late with his family. (Saturday night was a holiday? Flores de Mayo. It's a catholic (tradition?) and I'm not sure of the details, but there's dressing up and procession with flowers and crosses on arches...) Anyway, Raymart's family is all Catholic, so of course he went... and he got home late... hence, he was too tired to make it to an 8 am meeting. Understandable. Anyway, before we even started the lesson, he was like, "sis, is it ok if I come to church, but not get baptized?" Basically, he has been convinced by his family that it's better if he goes to church where they are, and where his friends are. I really wanted to cry, but I didn't. I am just so sad for him. His attitude was way different yesterday than it has been in the past... he just kept saying, "I'm not getting baptized, I've been baptized." We're going to keep visiting him, but it's really hard for him because there is zero support from his family, and he's only 12. Hopefully, some missionaries will run into him in 5 or 6 years... :)

However, we found some people we feel are truely ready. 2 women named Nilda and Josie. They are friends and neighbors. Nilda is 44 and Josie is 37. Nilda watches Josie's 4 (3?) year old daughter in the day while Josie is out working (she manicures). Anyway, they are both really receptive (especially Nilda, she told her friends that "the grace of God happened to me today, I met Sister Cortes...") We're excited to go back there :)

And, we have a part member family that we're excited about. The dad, Edelberto is the only member, but he's inactive. He has 4 kids: Christian Mae, 14; John Mark, 12; Michael Kane, 11; and Jr. ... "Gwapo" (Edelberto), 8 months; and a wife, Mindaluz. We stopped by last night to confirm a FHE tonight and the 3 older kids were like "we're going to be baptized!!!" haha it was awesome. Those baptisms will happen some time (probably) in July. We are pretty excited about them... (note: Brother is part of the reason you won't recognize this Sister Missionary when she returns home... he feeds us at least once a week...)

We also celebrated a birthday with a woman who lives in a house about the size of the girl's room (minus the gold carpet ;) ) We took some bread and sang to her. She lives all by herself and is a former investigator... she had a bad experience at church, so she doesn't want us to teach her. But while we were talking to her, she asked, "who was the one who saw the light?" She'll make it, but we have to be inventive about how we teach... haha :)

Well, that's all for now loved ones :)

Love always,

Sister Jennie Adams

Monday, May 24, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

Kamusta kamo? How are you?

I'm doing fabulous... except that I can't think of anything interesting that happened this week to write to you... Sorry...

Sorry I didn't tell you for sure... I stayed in Roxas, with Sister Cortes. It was like transfers didn't even happen for us, because the other two sisters stayed in Roxas as well. I am now the only American in my district. But there are 4 other Americans (elders) in my Zone, so I'm not completely alone... haha. And most, if not all, of the elders in my batch went senior this transfer. I don't feel jealous at all... I'd be happy to be junior for a few more transfers :) That's the way I like to live- stress free! Haha, but of course, I'll take the responsibility if (when?) it comes to me :) Next transfer (the "split") there are 31 foreigners coming to Bacolod and Iloilo missions (they'll be divided)... lots of missionaries are going to have to step up to fill in the leadership positions.

We had a special missionary fireside in the stake this week. It was for the 4 wards in Roxas (there are 8 wards in our stake, but the others are far away) It was good, I hope the messages there helped the people who came to it. I know that I made a resolve to be a happier person. To make life lighter, because it is meant to be that way. No one actually said that, but we're all entitled to personal revelation if we're ready to receive it.

Oh, and we have at least 2 or 3 dinner appointments in a week (that's a slow week) I hope you all recognize me when I come home!

Well Sorry I don't have more to report on, this week was just normal...

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another week in the life of Sister Adams...

Hey Everyone!

Well, I just have to report on Raymart... He is probably the most awesome 12 year old boy I know. We went to teach him after church yesterday and he started asking questions about a talk in sacrament meeting and telling us the lesson they had in Sunday School. Sister Cortes and I just sat and stared at him... and I giggled a little to myself because I was so happy for him... He's loving church and learning so much. His baptism is still set for June 12, but we've almost finished all the lessons with him (we only have like 3 left). He also always talks about going on a mission... and going to Alaska. Haha, he wants to go to America, but to Alaska. I told him he would freeze there, but he still wants to go.

We're still searching for the elect... and trying not to melt in the Philippines heat!
Thanks for all your prayers and support!
Love Always, Sister Jennie Adams

p.s. sorry so short!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It was awesome

to talk to you guys! And Taylor, sorry you didn't get to say goodbye.
Love you!

So, Happy Mother's Day to all who fit under that category! Thanks for all you do :)

I got a package this week that made me feel like it was my birthday and Christmas all at once... Thanks so much Ann Moon :) I was probably the happiest missionary in the mission when I opened that package... Everything will be used well, thank you.

Haha, so yesterday, Raymart came to church... which was no surprise to us, we expected him to come.

What was the surprise was that he was wearing a tie and slacks- he told us before that he wouldn't wear a tie to church until he was baptized... then he showed up yesterday wearing one. Haha, it was awesome. And his mom said that he has changed since we gave him a baptismal date. She says he's more helpful now and nicer to his siblings. Now we just need to get her to see the need to come to church for herself...

Well, that's about all the news I have for this week. We're still trying to find the elect here in Roxas! (Raymart definitely fits in that category) We have a few potentials, but time will tell. Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Oh, transfers are this week... but nothing will probably change with me...

Love, Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. I hear you are experiencing some late spring frost... I'll send some humid heat to y'all k? ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Zone Conference in Kalibo...

This week we had Zone Conference in Kalibo. We rented a van (and a driver... haha), and went on a road trip. We drove for 2 hours and slept in Kalibo. I still get carsick, so that was fun... Anyway, Conference was good, and different. I'm used to very big conferences with lots of missionaries... this one we maybe had 30 missionaries. It was pretty good and we got lots of good training. Nothing outstanding that I feel the need to report on though...

Transfer Announcements are next week, and I'll probably stay in Roxas. But we don't really know what's going to happen! Just wait and see, and in the mean time, we just keep working hard- Getting Raymart ready for baptism. We're pretty excited about that... and he is too :D

I am having a blast in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines! Those of you who know me, know that I don't like seafood. The other day, we ate at an investigator/part member's house and they fed us Bangus (also called Milkfish, the national fish) and shrimp. It was really good, I think bangros is my favorite fish. And a few weeks ago, I ate some pusit... or squid. I kinda felt like I was chewing a balloon... not really an experience I want to repeat. Haha, but that might not be an option... we'll see. They also have this stuff here called uga... dried fish. It smells... strong. They dry the fish, and then fry it... it gets REALLY strong when it hits the pan. I haven't eaten it yet, but I have a feeling the time is drawing near... :S

Also, please look at my picture from MY baptism and think "oxy clean" HAHAHA! An elder pointed this out to me (from my calendar)

One more thing...a few weeks ago, our cargo from Bacolod (containing proselytizing supplies and letters-dearelders included) was lost. I recently received a letter from Annie and Bill... but if you sent a dearelder at the beginning of April or end of March, I probably didn't get it...

That's all for this week, love you all lots!

Love, Sister Adams