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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, August 9, 2010

To the fam

that means YOU... yep, everyone.

The baptisms were successful! They happened on Friday the 6th and the confirmations were on Sunday the 8th. I actually thought that they wouldn't make it to church in time to be confirmed. Sacrament started (kind of late) and they still weren't there. I was getting a little worried and praying like crazy (it's a missionary's saddest day when the converts don't make it to the confirmation...) Anyway, they made it while were singing the sacrament hymn. Their confirmation took place after the speakers (yeah, a little different, but hey, the important thing is that it happened!) Then, after sacrament meeting, I found out why they were late. You see here in the Philippines, most people take tricycles everywhere. Some (like the Besa family) are lucky enough to have their own tricycle. However... Like cars in the states, tricycles need to be registered. And there are laws about how old you have to be to drive (18). So... The Besa family tricycle's registration fell due a little more than a month ago, and they don't really have the money to re-register it right now... so they didn't . And John (the 13 year old) is usually the one driving. BUT... usually on Sunday, there are no traffic. Usually. Yesterday was different. There was a traffic enforcer between their house and the church (on the shortest route). SO they took the long way... and were late.I think we forgot the "obey and honor the law" lesson... I'll do better next time.

That's all for now folks. I'm alive and well! Thanks for all your prayers!

Love, Sister Adams

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