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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Cell Phone

We got a new phone this week... in case you were wondering.

Work was kind of slow this week. BUT

We moved! Our new apartment is bright yellow. I mean BRIGHT yellow. Like they painted it with a highlighter. We've slept on our mattresses on the floor the last 3 nights because our bunk beds had termites and we left them in the old apartment. I think we're getting beds today. It's been an adventure and a half. We kind of feel like squatters because we are living out of our suitcases (the new house doesn't have wardrobes... also something we are getting with new beds...) And our water is really nasty, so we have to buy "mineral water" I'm not sure why it's called that. I think it's just filtered.

We taught Bijie this week. She's so cool. I'm way excited for her baptism. I think she's God's tender mercy to me. :D

I think that's all for this week... sorry so short!

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cell Phones

and pickpockets.I debated not using that as the subject and just holding you all in suspense, but I can't think of anything better to put in the subject line. (I'm not usually creative...sorry about that)

Anyway, what happened was this: We were riding on a jeepney. These are vehicles that have 2 benches in the back that face each other, and for some reason (probably to earn money...), they pack them as full as possible. As in, there's always people sitting on each other. When Sister Declaro and I got on the jeep, there weren't very many people yet. So we didn't sit unnecessarily close to anyone. But as it filled up, we decided to scoot closer to the back (because that's where the door is, and therefore the best seats... but it also makes it harder for others to get on... but that's just the way it is...). Anyway, there was about a hand space between the large man at the end of the jeep and me when a man got on and decided to sit on me. I was REALLY annoyed, but we moved back the other way. So... eventually, we get to where we need to get off, and we start going on our merry way.

Side story: Our apartment, while pretty hilarious (we live above a tire store), isn't exactly the best place to live... And it's kinda small and only has one bathroom. It's rumored also that there will eventually be 6 sisters living in this apartment, and there is most definitely not room for 6 sisters to live there comfortably. SO we're on the lookout for a new place to stay.

Back to the original story: I saw a sign about 3 minutes after we got off the jeep for a house for rent. There was a phone number, so I thought, "Hey, I'll text them to find out more about the house." And, well, the cell phone was no where to be found in my bag. I had it before I got on the jeep and it found a new owner while we were riding. I'm almost 100% sure the man who so annoyingly sat on me is the same one who pick pocketed me. Life is hard when you are used to having contact with people and suddenly it's cut off.

The mission is going to issue us a new one, so life is ok. Well, it will be. Also, I'm very very thankful that it was the mission-issued-replaceable cell phone, and not my personal-irreplaceable camera.

On the upside, when I talked to the AP about the phone, he said that they found an apartment and are just waiting on President's approval. They'll probably call us this week about when we move. Yay!

Hmm... I just thought of something else I could have subjected this letter... Referral Contacted, at church, with a date, and progressing. We had a referral at church yesterday. She's an investigator that transferred from another area, but she is reading the Book of Mormon, and comes to church. When I asked if she wanted to be baptized, she said yes kind of like "duh" it was really funny. And I was overjoyed! I still am pretty happy actually. So we set appointments and then gave her a date on February 27. WooHoo! God rewards the hard working. I know he does. :D

I think that's all for this week!

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, January 17, 2011


It has definitely been raining like all week. It makes it really hard to work. I'm just feeling wet all the time...Sad news... Beth didn't come to church... I'm not sure why, we're going tomorrow to find out.BUT Jackie did come to church. And accepted a baptismal date on the 13th of February. YAY! I'm excited for her, I just hope she doesn't spend time with people who don't know what they're talking about. (most of her doubts come from talking to these kinds of people). Please pray for her.

We're running low on investigators. I love teaching this gospel, but it's hard when you don't have anyone to teach it to.

I'm excited for this week because we had a coordination meeting yesterday and we have people scheduled to work almost every day this week. Yay, we get lessons with members... hopefully that helps us get investigators at church.I feel a little like I have run out of things to say...

So, I guess until next time!

Love, Sister Adams

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another week in paradise

That's what the Philippines are... It's pretty awesome.

And actually, the only cool thing that happened this week was that Jackie and Beth came to church!

So Beth has been an investigator for like, ever. She just has a problem leaving her store (called a "chungee" here, and I spelled it wrong so you could pronounce it right... it's more like tsunggi) ANYWAY, she is very attached to it. Her entire live revolves around it and she even sleeps there now. So, back in December, Sister Purser and I told her that we would set a return appointment with her when we met at the church. Basically, we would come back when she decided to start progressing. Well, after that, we never saw her at church. And then this week, we were delivering Christmas presents with the relief society president (rice and noodles and sardines) to a member that lives by Beth, so we stopped by to say hi (we didn't TOTALLY forget about her... she just moved to the back burner for a while). It turns out that a less active member that she knows told her that there was a conference at the stake center on Sunday, so she went there instead of the Jaro chapel. Twice. I guess she thought she missed it and decided to try again the next week. When we found out about that, we told her we would be back on Saturday to teach a lesson. And then she came to church yesterday! We're going to give her a baptismal date tomorrow. Probably February 13 (our bishop wants the baptisms on Sunday...).

Jackie is the one with really cool questions that I always love answering. She attended the Single Adult Sunday school class and they said she participated. Yay! We're going to give her the 13th of February as well. What I really want is to baptize someone who will be strong priesthood for the church. I'm still looking for him...

Well, that's all from Paradise, until next time!

Love,Sister Adams

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year,

New companion. Sister Declaro. She is from Antipolo, and she's actually the MTC companion of Sister Custodia. Here, we call that "batch." Haha, like they're a batch of cookies... anyway, it's interesting Sister Purser is also "batch" with the two of them... which means my last three companions are all the same age in the mission... it's kinda funny. My goal is to get a picture with the three of them.

Yesterday at church, a couple of members thought that Sister Declaro was an investigator... HAHA! I guess they're just WAY too used to two American missionaries, and they didn't see her name tag. It was pretty funny.It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Purser. I miss her. But I know God has plans for me and for her, and I guess all that we have to do is trust that His plan is a good one. ;)

We're trying to find those elect children of God. It's rough going because you don't always know that they're elect right when you meet them... Also, when we find awesome people, they end up being in the other area. (because the boundary between ward one and ward two is a railway that doesn't exist anymore)... anyway, we're just getting back into the groove of things because it seems like the world stopped for the Holidays. No one was here, and if they were, they weren't available. I'm glad school started again so that we can have a good schedule again.

I am trying really hard to remember a good spiritual experience this week... and I've got nothing. Sorry, I really want this letter to be edifying to you all, but I...OH! I just remembered something I studied... In Matthew 13 there are parables, and I've been reading in Jesus the Christ from time to time. I read the chapter that talks about the parables. Two specific ones stuck out when I read them. The parable of the Pearl of Great Price, and the parable of the hidden treasure in the field. Talmage points out that in both cases, the one who found something of great value was willing to sacrifice all that he had to obtain that which was of great value. Jesus likens the Pearl and the Treasure to the Kingdom of Heaven. SO, when we find the pearl, or the treasure in the field, we should also be willing to give up everything we have to secure the thing which we want for ourselves. In the book it's way more eloquently put, but it really impacted me, and I realized that there are probably things in my life that I haven't given up yet, but I need to in order to secure the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven.
I hope that someone was inspired by this... I sure was :D

Until next week,

Love always,

Sister Adams