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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another week in paradise

That's what the Philippines are... It's pretty awesome.

And actually, the only cool thing that happened this week was that Jackie and Beth came to church!

So Beth has been an investigator for like, ever. She just has a problem leaving her store (called a "chungee" here, and I spelled it wrong so you could pronounce it right... it's more like tsunggi) ANYWAY, she is very attached to it. Her entire live revolves around it and she even sleeps there now. So, back in December, Sister Purser and I told her that we would set a return appointment with her when we met at the church. Basically, we would come back when she decided to start progressing. Well, after that, we never saw her at church. And then this week, we were delivering Christmas presents with the relief society president (rice and noodles and sardines) to a member that lives by Beth, so we stopped by to say hi (we didn't TOTALLY forget about her... she just moved to the back burner for a while). It turns out that a less active member that she knows told her that there was a conference at the stake center on Sunday, so she went there instead of the Jaro chapel. Twice. I guess she thought she missed it and decided to try again the next week. When we found out about that, we told her we would be back on Saturday to teach a lesson. And then she came to church yesterday! We're going to give her a baptismal date tomorrow. Probably February 13 (our bishop wants the baptisms on Sunday...).

Jackie is the one with really cool questions that I always love answering. She attended the Single Adult Sunday school class and they said she participated. Yay! We're going to give her the 13th of February as well. What I really want is to baptize someone who will be strong priesthood for the church. I'm still looking for him...

Well, that's all from Paradise, until next time!

Love,Sister Adams

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