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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cell Phones

and pickpockets.I debated not using that as the subject and just holding you all in suspense, but I can't think of anything better to put in the subject line. (I'm not usually creative...sorry about that)

Anyway, what happened was this: We were riding on a jeepney. These are vehicles that have 2 benches in the back that face each other, and for some reason (probably to earn money...), they pack them as full as possible. As in, there's always people sitting on each other. When Sister Declaro and I got on the jeep, there weren't very many people yet. So we didn't sit unnecessarily close to anyone. But as it filled up, we decided to scoot closer to the back (because that's where the door is, and therefore the best seats... but it also makes it harder for others to get on... but that's just the way it is...). Anyway, there was about a hand space between the large man at the end of the jeep and me when a man got on and decided to sit on me. I was REALLY annoyed, but we moved back the other way. So... eventually, we get to where we need to get off, and we start going on our merry way.

Side story: Our apartment, while pretty hilarious (we live above a tire store), isn't exactly the best place to live... And it's kinda small and only has one bathroom. It's rumored also that there will eventually be 6 sisters living in this apartment, and there is most definitely not room for 6 sisters to live there comfortably. SO we're on the lookout for a new place to stay.

Back to the original story: I saw a sign about 3 minutes after we got off the jeep for a house for rent. There was a phone number, so I thought, "Hey, I'll text them to find out more about the house." And, well, the cell phone was no where to be found in my bag. I had it before I got on the jeep and it found a new owner while we were riding. I'm almost 100% sure the man who so annoyingly sat on me is the same one who pick pocketed me. Life is hard when you are used to having contact with people and suddenly it's cut off.

The mission is going to issue us a new one, so life is ok. Well, it will be. Also, I'm very very thankful that it was the mission-issued-replaceable cell phone, and not my personal-irreplaceable camera.

On the upside, when I talked to the AP about the phone, he said that they found an apartment and are just waiting on President's approval. They'll probably call us this week about when we move. Yay!

Hmm... I just thought of something else I could have subjected this letter... Referral Contacted, at church, with a date, and progressing. We had a referral at church yesterday. She's an investigator that transferred from another area, but she is reading the Book of Mormon, and comes to church. When I asked if she wanted to be baptized, she said yes kind of like "duh" it was really funny. And I was overjoyed! I still am pretty happy actually. So we set appointments and then gave her a date on February 27. WooHoo! God rewards the hard working. I know he does. :D

I think that's all for this week!

Love, Sister Adams

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