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November 2010 - January 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Transfer Announcement

I wish there was no transfer announcement... I wish there was nothing to say. But, alas, God has other plans, and Sister Purser is leaving me. I don't know if any 6 weeks has passed by this quickly before. I swear I just became companions with Sister Purser, and I thought we would have 6 more weeks together. But that's ok, at least she's just from close by. I can see her in about (11 months... hehe). Weird, she'll be home next Christmas just like I will be...This week was fun. On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed talking to our families!!! Then we visited a member family who is less active (they came to church yesterday!) Yay, thanks family for talking to me :D See you soon! We also We had pancakes on Saturday and then the other sisters cooked for us for lunch. Then we decorated cookies that Ann Moon sent for us. :D It was way fun. We also opened presents. And then Sister Purser and I helped clean the church in the afternoon. We helped because usually no one shows up to clean the church on Saturday except the RS president... (the bathroom NEEDED to be cleaned because it was really dirty, as in... yuck). Then we ate dinner at the house of a member in Jaro 1. It was pretty good food. So, all in all, it was a good day. :DWell, we don't really have any promising prospects for baptism in January. I keep hoping, but I don't know what this area has in store for us. I don't know what Heavenly Father has in store for us... I'm excited, though, to meet my new companion on Friday. (really sad that I have a new comp, but excited to meet her... I know that is so incredibly contradictory)

Oh! I just wanted to tell one more story: Last Sunday, this man who is recently returned to activity told us to come to his Son-in-law who isn't a member, so we set up an appointment. It was kind of awkward at first cause I didn't know what to say, and he was kind of like, uh, what are 2 american girls doing in our house? Haha, but then we got talking and finally got (permission, I guess) to teach him. His name is William, and he and his wife just got married in February and they have an adorable little girl. The spirit was so strong as we taught about the restoration, tying everything back into eternal families. He really grasped the idea when I told him he could be with his wife after death. Because their marriage is so recent, I just asked them until when their marriage was valid. They both answered, "till death do us part." So we talked about what that meant, and how they could be married for eternity. At the end of the lesson was the best question, the one that made me know that William was listening. He asked how he could be really sure he would be with his wife and daughter on the other side. It opened the door to talk about covenants, and with that our first covenant, baptism. This man was prepared by God to meet us. And then we were prepared to listen to the Spirit so we could tell this man what he needed to hear. I am continually amazed at how Heavenly Father is using me to be a messenger for these people so they can accept the Gospel and be with their families forever.

All my love,

Sister Adams

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Malipayon nga Paskua!!!

I want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas. I have realized in the last week as we’ve been sharing a Christmas message to members, that I haven’t ever REALLY contemplated the meaning of Christmas.

We celebrate the birth of our Savior. Who died for me. And you. And everyone we know. Because of that, he is overjoyed when we repent, and is saddened when we choose to not obey the commandments. Think about it; you have the power to make Deity feel complete joy. I still sort of marvel at this when I think about it, and I feel a little overwhelmed at how much I am loved as a daughter of God. No wonder we celebrate Christmas!!! Just don’t lose sight of why.

This week, we had a baptism! Stephen, the 12 year old got baptized. He’s adorable, and I’m excited to see him passing the Sacrament in January. :D

Tatay Jagodilla…(have I talked about him?) Well, he broke our hearts this week. We thought all was going well and he was going to be coming to church in no time, and be baptized sometime in February or March. But we went there last Thursday and he basically told us that he won’t be forced. I left in tears, and my heart was broken. I love his family and all I want is for them to be able to go the temple. It’s kind of weird, but that night I realized that I’m doing something right, because if I was a palagpat missionary, I wouldn’t have cared about him or his family. Anyway, prayers in his direction would probably help.

We went to this place called Cabatuan on Friday, and it turns out there ARE elect people in our area. They’re just 2 jeep rides and 30 minutes away from the center of the city. We gave a Book of Mormon to a woman who can’t see well enough to read, but promised to have her daughter read to her (without us suggesting it). We also gave a copy to a woman who practically begged for it after I told her about it. Anyway, we’re going back there this week, ready to see some miracles happen.

And last in the balita this week: Jackie, our next investigator with potential to be baptized, asked some pretty awesome questions. She suffers from depression, for which she takes medication, so sometimes we get some strangely deep (or just strange) questions from her. Last week she told us she didn’t want to be baptized, but then 2 days later she texted and said she did (no matter what her mom said… she’s 27). Anyway, this week, we got 3 texts in a row from her, which basically said: (1) Why do I feel like I’m going to get nailed to a cross? (2) Is it just psychological or a real threat of society? (3) I believe that your church is the true church of God. Let’s talk on Friday. K?

I assured her that her fears weren’t real, and that we could indeed talk. To which she replied, “You’re right, I have faith in your Jesus.”

SO we are STILL having a blast, despite the minor setbacks with some investigators. After all, there must needs be opposition in all things, right?

All my love,

Sister Adams

P.S. Her next question is “how was the world created?” We’re going to do some reading on that one to make sure we only share what we should…

OH! Thanks Ann Moon for the package!!! xoxoxo

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm glad He's in charge

This week was pretty awesome. As usual.

We watched the Christmas devotional yesterday. I got a little homesick, but then the talks really made me feel an urgency to spread this message of cheer to everyone I see. Yeah, I’m missing another Christmas at home, but I know that when I get there, it’s going to be the same as it was when I left and there are Christmases to come. I guess I just realized (again) how important this is. Don’t worry, I’m not trunky, (that’s for sinners). I just want to be the best I can be for the next 3ish months.

We taught Stephen the Law of Chastity yesterday. When we got to the part about having to be married before you have a partner. He was like, “what if I don’t get married?” The way this language works, I thought he meant that he wanted a partner but not to get married, so I was like, “well, you have to get married.” Haha, he was like, “no, I just don’t want a wife.” HAHA. He’s only 12, and I remembered the YM president told us he was afraid of girls, so we told him that he didn’t have to get married. It was really funny. He also made a face like “yuck” when I said it was bawal (or… just bawal… um, forbidden) to look at pornography. This kid has no problems with the law of chastity. He’s getting baptized on Saturday!

One day, it rained constantly. I was actually cold. I wore one of the sweaters I brought with me, so it was ok. But the best part was that we didn’t get any teachings. As in totally punted. So basically, we walked around in the rain all afternoon and tried to find people to teach. I think it is days like that that Heavenly Father reminds me how much He’s in charge. I love that he is in charge. And not me.

One night, we tried to go to an investigator who wasn’t home, and we had nothing to do for the next hour. We didn’t have time to go to another area and teach someone we did know, so we were trying to figure out what we could do in the place we were in. I suddenly, “randomly” remembered a guard close by we had talked to a few weeks ago. I really had no desire to talk to him again, because he wasn’t at all interested in even talking to us… but I was like, “Sister Purser, let’s go find him again…” We had nothing else to do, so we went off to find a guard who we both knew didn’t want to talk to us. We kind of had to search for the street because last time it was raining and I was still new at that time, but we finally found it. When we got there, we saw a different guard on duty. It was a woman who was more than willing to talk to us. They have 24 hour shifts (no thanks!) and I asked if she liked to read (it’s an apartment, can you imagine sitting there all night with nothing to do but stare into space?). She said yes, so we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She thanked us multiple times, and said she’d read when she has no people to watch… This woman doesn’t even live in our area. We may never see her again, but I’m so glad I followed the prompting to find the man who didn’t want to talk to us.

I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of His children. He knows who is ready for this gospel and he knows exactly what I need to do to help them. Which is why I’m glad He’s in charge.


Sister Adams

Monday, December 6, 2010

December WHAT?

I can't believe it's December 6th. Who said it could be December? Oh well, time flies when you're having fun!

This week, Sister Purser and I had some cool experiences. Mostly just spiritual. We taught Tom Jagodilla who is a part member. His wife has been a member most of her life, and lots of missionaries have wanted to teach him, but he just wouldn't listen. But, the spirit guided me to say things to him that, if said without the spirit present, would be offensive. I don't remember what I said, but he listens now :) And I'm excited for him and his family.

We also met a neat girl named April. She is a spunky 21 year old who graduated in practical nursing. She said she'd listen, but then she said, "basi magbuot ako!" which means, "I'll probably become nice!" It was funny to me, but probably just because of her personality. She accepted a Book of Mormon and told her dad as we were leaving that she was going to become Mormon. Haha.

Then we talked to a slightly drunk man, who refused to tell us what religion he was. I finally found out that he belongs to a church that doesn't believe that Christ is the son of God. He seems cool, I hope if we ever go back there, we can talk with no alcohol. I absolutely detest alcohol. It's the way people celebrate here, and it's the way to a broken family. humph.

Stephen is doing great, on track for baptism this 18th, but the others that were supposed to be with him, aren't going to be able to be that day, or even this month... darn agency, it ruins everything.

We met a woman named Jo on a tricycle. She spoke pure English to me and told us that when we were done where we were going, we should go down the street to her house and talk to her. So we did. She demanded that we speak English (which I think was a relief for Sister Purser) and accepted a BOM and told us that she'll come to church next week because she had something to do this Sunday. She was pretty cool. I want to go back to her.

I LOVE my job because of all the diverse people I get to meet. And the ability to make their lives better. I love talking to people, and not necessarily all about the church. Mostly about THEM. And their lives. I know you're all jealous, but you shouldn't be. That's against the 10th commandment. ;)

That's this week!


Sister Adams

p.s. this week we're going to a HUGE house for lunch because we were invited to a birthday lunch of Kirt. I'm excited because they are way nice.