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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, August 23, 2010

When President Pagaduan Calls

you naturally get a little nervous. The AP texted on Saturday night and said that President wanted to talk to me and asked when he could call. We said ok... we were planning for Sunday, but you can put that on hold for a phone call from the President. I was a little nervous cause he just wanted to talk to me, not any of the other Sisters in the apartment... SO we waited for the call... it never came. I went to bed on Saturday night not sure what to think. Why in the world does he want to talk to me??? Sister Gonimil joked with me and said, "Sister Adams, you're training!" But my reaction to that was, "no, I'm not." Anyway, I was really curious... President doesn't just call missionaries for no reason. I thought it maybe had something to do with something I wrote in my weekly report last week. I had asked a question... but I really had no idea. So yesterday, we got up early because we had business at the church at 7 am (just wait... one story at a time). Anyway, President called as we were walking out the door. He asked if he could speak with me privately for a minute. Then he told me that he had been on his knees for the last few weeks and his knees were swollen. Then he said that I am to be a trainer for one of the new missionaries this transfer. Yes, I too, must step out of the comfort of having a companion who has been here for a while, and step into the GIANT shoes of trainer. I get to pick up my new companion on Friday. I'm really excited, but only because I know that this is revelation and therefore, I will not be the only one training this new missionary. Thank heavens!

SO the reason we were going to the church at 7 am (actually we were late, we were supposed to be there at 6:30). To get the answer to that, we have to back up to Friday. On Friday, there was a brown out. Which means that the electric pump that puts water into the baptismal font in about 45 minutes didn't work... so it would take about 3 hours to fill it up. So, Sister Mindaluz had to wait for Sunday to be baptized (Saturday didn't work for them). But, in order to be confirmed the same day, she needed to be baptized before the 8 am service started. The family was there bright and early. I am so happy. These people are the highlight of Roxas. The best part is that they have cousins that live in this ward too, and some of them have started coming to church. It's awesome to see new members doing missionary work. :D

I love hearing about what you all are doing! Keep writing!

Love,Sister Adams

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