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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nagapasalamat Ako

I am thankful for being a missionary. I am also thankful that I could have a delicious lunch last Thursday. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken (not turkey...), rolls, and a cheesecake that practically made itself. No joke, we have no supplies in our kitchen, but somehow Sister Purser and I (who have never made a cheesecake in real life) put together the best cheesecake we've ever eaten... it was a day full of giving thanks. :D

I honestly feel like I am with Sister Fairweather again. We are having a blast and funny things happen every day. For example, we both thought that here in the Philippines, we would never be given an address that included a specific number (just stuff like "I live in Tanque Kalubihan! Visit sometime!). And actually, I haven't seen very many numbers on houses here, so I just thought no one used them. But we were given a referral (one of 3 yesterday, salamat!!) and his address was REALLY specific. It had a number AND a letter. So we went in search for this house. Well, we found it, and then realized that another referral that we had had a similar address so we went searching for it... That was the adventure. One where I was CORRECTED in my thinking that they don't use numbers on houses here. Everyone we asked was like, "keep going that way!" Then this woman just sort of stayed with us until we found the house. We were laughing so hard because she was practically doing our work for us. Even after we had kind of given up, she wouldn't. We eventually found the house, but didn't go inside to teach because it was time for our next appointment. Anyway, now that I read that, it doesn't sound that funny... just imagine 2 American girls following a middle aged Filipina around looking for 477-D. Maybe you'll get the effect.

That's all folks!


Sister Jennie Adams

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