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November 2010 - January 2011

Friday, September 24, 2010

Leadership Training

So, the leadership training was on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really cool actually. I learned a lot, and came home from Iloilo with a renewed feeling... like, "yeah, I CAN do this... even in Roxas."

Anyway, on Tuesday night, after we ate dinner, the APs said "we know how excited you all are to apply what you learned today, so now we will announce the split assignments and you can go work tonight." I was cool with that (well, I really wanted to relax and talk to Sister Carr, but applying what I learned was a much better idea...). So I went with the Sister that I was assigned to (there were only 4 of us at the meeting) and we headed to the house she had decided we could go to (she decided because it was her area). When we left the church, it was kind of raining, but not too hard, so I wasn't worried about the fact that I left my umbrella at the apartment. We climbed in a jeepney and it was still just kind of sprinkling, so I was thinking we were fine. Well, as we neared our destination, we could tell by the looks of the people getting on that it was starting to rain pretty hard now. Sister Arellano had an umbrella, but it was kind of small... but such is missionary work- sometimes you get wet. So when our stop came, we sighed and got off the jeep into the now-pouring rain. Under one umbrella. We both had our copies of Preach My Gospel and some papers that they gave us at the training since we didn't go home first... so here we were 2 Sisters walking down the street in the torrential down pour, huddled under an umbrella trying to protect our things from the rain. I had my WONDERFUL rubber shoes on, so I was fine when the street turned into a river. But Sister Arellano had just planned for a meeting, so her shoes were a little nicer. So because of that, we would stop for a second whenever we came to a speed bump (that wasn't covered in water) or anything else that was higher and big enough for us to stand on. I think the house was about 10 feet away when we stopped for the last time. At this point it had been raining so hard that the street was flooded so much that you couldn't tell where the pavement ended and the dirt shoulder began. As we stepped off of our "high ground" for the last time, we were surprised when we found ourselves falling in 2 feet of water. We had stood on a bridge over a drainage ditch, but it looked exactly the same as the street, so we just took the shortest path to our destination. Haha, it was hilarious (but only because I managed to get out of the water before my camera got wet). There was a deaf girl that saw the whole thing and apparently tried to warn us, but... well, I guess we didn't see the warning. Sister Arellano escaped without a mark on her, and I walked away with only a few scrapes on my knee. And we both walked away with a story to tell.

Well, that was pretty much the funny story of the week! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Love, Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. Note from Naunie... Sorry, I spaced posting this letter on Monday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Jennie!

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