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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Things

Happen to you if you just wait patiently.

On Friday, we had a hard time at first because no one would work with us. We were done with one of our appointments at a part member (which was kind of hard because her interest is about zero) and we were deciding whether to go to one more or just go home because it was almost 8 (our curfew). We were standing there on a corner and a truck pulled up and rolled down his window and asked us which church we belonged to. We told him and I was afraid we were going to be told we weren’t allowed to go to that place anymore (like what happened in Silay). But instead he told us that he wanted to change religions and that he was interested in the Mormon church. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a promise to visit him the next day. We then proceeded to walk home… sort of in a daze, like “What just happened???” We visited him on Saturday and he has LOTS of questions because he reads the Bible, but it isn’t clear to him. We told him to come to church, but he got sick yesterday so he couldn’t come. But we are really excited about him. His name is JC and he is 28 years old. He is single, but I think that he has great potential to be a leader in the church.

Most of our investigators are kids, so that’s why we are so excited to be teaching an adult. Don’t worry though; all of our kids belong to members… just less active ones. We’re trying to build up the strength of the ward. We actually visited a former Branch President last night who has an unbaptized daughter who is 9. When I asked his wife to say the closing prayer, she prayed for courage to return to church. It’s been a while since they have been to church, so they are kind of shy to come back. But they want to. That’s actually the concern with a lot of families in our area, so we have a lot of work to do!

I’m doing well, and I’m healthy! No worries! :) The Lord takes care of His Missionaries!

I love you all, thank you for your letters and support!

Love, Sister Adams

P.S. Sister Addangna and I went to Iloilo on Tuesday for a doctor apt for her. We stopped by the new office and saw the new mission logo.

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