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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

It's really funny here... when it rains, no one goes anywhere. And it's a valid excuse most places. For example, yesterday, it rained, so the attendance in Sacrament meeting was 44 (It's usually up around 75). Haha, the leaders are like, "No one came to church! Cause it's raining!" ...

but also yesterday, we had what we call "Search and Rescue." We had ward members gather, then Sister Addangna (Ad-ahng-na) and I split. We went into 3 teams and visited members that are less active. We found 6 unbaptized kids that are part member families. And when everyone came back, they were all happy and excited for next week when we do it again (because we're going to do this every week!) It is so awesome to see how excited everyone is in the ward... I think it will be contagious. Yay!

Today, we had transfer announcements. Me and Sister Addangna are staying, but Sister Galicia is transferring. Sister Cornelio is staying in her ward. It's kind of weird to have a 3 week transfer... but that's ok. I'm glad we're staying because I don't want to leave yet, but Roxas 3 still needs my companion. :)

President and Sister Pagaduan came to our apartment on Wednesday night. We had a nice little visit. They're way nice, and it was weird (and hard?) to speak English to them (for some reason, I find it hard to speak English to most Filipinos), but I had to because I don't speak their language (Tagalog) and they don't speak the language here yet. Haha... I'm really excited for the coming months!

One thing that's really sad here is that there isn't a law (enforced?) about drinking age. Some people send their 5 year olds to buy their alcohol and cigarettes for them. It's incredibly easy for anyone to get alcohol and tobacco here. But John isn't going to drink again, and he's attending seminary :D And I think all 3 of them will be baptized on August 7! Yay!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Know that I feel it.

Love, Sister Adams