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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello to Everyone I Love

So, last week I had to sit and think of something... anything... interesting to write to you. This week is different... I have to sit and think of what to write first. I guess I'll start with the sad news, that way, we can end happy... deal?

We visited Raymart yesterday. He didn't come to church, and the people he usually comes with said he was tired because he was out late with his family. (Saturday night was a holiday? Flores de Mayo. It's a catholic (tradition?) and I'm not sure of the details, but there's dressing up and procession with flowers and crosses on arches...) Anyway, Raymart's family is all Catholic, so of course he went... and he got home late... hence, he was too tired to make it to an 8 am meeting. Understandable. Anyway, before we even started the lesson, he was like, "sis, is it ok if I come to church, but not get baptized?" Basically, he has been convinced by his family that it's better if he goes to church where they are, and where his friends are. I really wanted to cry, but I didn't. I am just so sad for him. His attitude was way different yesterday than it has been in the past... he just kept saying, "I'm not getting baptized, I've been baptized." We're going to keep visiting him, but it's really hard for him because there is zero support from his family, and he's only 12. Hopefully, some missionaries will run into him in 5 or 6 years... :)

However, we found some people we feel are truely ready. 2 women named Nilda and Josie. They are friends and neighbors. Nilda is 44 and Josie is 37. Nilda watches Josie's 4 (3?) year old daughter in the day while Josie is out working (she manicures). Anyway, they are both really receptive (especially Nilda, she told her friends that "the grace of God happened to me today, I met Sister Cortes...") We're excited to go back there :)

And, we have a part member family that we're excited about. The dad, Edelberto is the only member, but he's inactive. He has 4 kids: Christian Mae, 14; John Mark, 12; Michael Kane, 11; and Jr. ... "Gwapo" (Edelberto), 8 months; and a wife, Mindaluz. We stopped by last night to confirm a FHE tonight and the 3 older kids were like "we're going to be baptized!!!" haha it was awesome. Those baptisms will happen some time (probably) in July. We are pretty excited about them... (note: Brother is part of the reason you won't recognize this Sister Missionary when she returns home... he feeds us at least once a week...)

We also celebrated a birthday with a woman who lives in a house about the size of the girl's room (minus the gold carpet ;) ) We took some bread and sang to her. She lives all by herself and is a former investigator... she had a bad experience at church, so she doesn't want us to teach her. But while we were talking to her, she asked, "who was the one who saw the light?" She'll make it, but we have to be inventive about how we teach... haha :)

Well, that's all for now loved ones :)

Love always,

Sister Jennie Adams