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Monday, June 7, 2010

Caves, Temples, and Baptismal dates (hopefully)

Today was our Zone Activity. We went to Pilar (our ZL's area) and hiked in some caves. It was way fun, and not too hard so I'm not exhausted... I would send pictures, but last time I tried that, my sd card broke.

Next Sunday is the Cebu City Temple Dedication... and we get to go!!! Haha, just kidding... We get to see it, but from right here in Roxas. It's being broadcast throughout the Country. The members here are so excited because it's a lot cheaper to go to Cebu than to Manila. I'm excited for them, and every time someone talks about going to the temple, I miss it. We are so blessed to live in a place that the temple is SO close. They aren't busy enough... go and give the temple workers something to do! ;)

Also, next Saturday, is the Cultural celebration. It, too, will be broadcast, so we're going :) Yay!

And yesterday, an entire investigator family came to church. The dad is a member, but he's inactive. There are 4 kids (3 above 8) and the mom. Sister Cortes and I couldn't stop smiling! It's kinda sad they can't come to church next week (the temple dedication takes place of regular meetings, and only members with a ticket can go). But that's ok, they are awesome, and we're really excited!

Next Saturday (the 18th) we have an "island conference" it's really Zone Conference, but it's the entire Panay Island in Iloilo. It's going to be cool to see everyone who is on the Island right now... too bad that doesn't include Sister Stadler or Sister Fairweather... Oh well.

Love you tons!

Sister Adams

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