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November 2010 - January 2011

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Can Be Together Forever...And now, in the Philippines, twice as many people get that opportunity. The Cebu City temple dedication was yesterday. We went to two of the three sessions, and they were great. I saw a different side of our Prophet... haha. He's a pretty funny guy. Also, at the last session, one of the assistants to the matron (who is from Idaho) said, "As we were getting ready to leave on our mission to the Philippines, my dear friend Ruth, who is from your wonderful country, shared with me advice, recipes, and her desire for me to like rice more than I like potatoes." I am pretty sure I am the only one who silently giggled at that comment... none of the Filipinos know about the association of potatoes and Idaho... Oh, maybe the man from Texas chuckled at it too. I saw him when we stood to do the Hosanna shout, so afterwords I talked to him (whenever I see an American at church that isn't a missionary, I talk to them, to find out what brought them to this side of the world.) Anyway, his name is Bobby and he served his mission in Quezon City and one of his missionary friends invited him to the dedication. Anyway, he was nice and told me that his advice for me was to be like the people here. I'll try... haha.

Today, we just got done giving an elementary school a makeover. It was in bad shape and class opens TOMORROW! The principal was worried and heard that the Mormon Helping Hands were helping clean up the schools and requested our help. Our district meetings moved to Monday morning (from Tuesday morning) so we took our CSP clothes to the church and changed right after our meeting and (10 of us) hopped on a (one) tricycle and made the (rather long) journey to the school... where we painted and cleaned up a little. I think there were about 20 members there (including 10 missionaries). It was good, and the principal was so thankful, she fed us lunch. Now, it's approximately 2:30 pm, and I still have to go grocery shopping... we were invited to an FHE/family reunion... and we are meeting in 2 hours... :S

This week, we gave 2 of the Besa kids a baptismal date for July 24. We hope to add their brother (John-John) and their mom (Mindaluz) to that list before too long. They came to the cultural celebration broadcast on Saturday and they liked it. I am pretty excited for them.

Well, I think that's all I have to report on :) Keep on being awesome! Love, Sister Adams

P.S. Monday is Judgment Day... Transfer Announcements, but not just any transfer announcements... where you go next week is where you stay! The mission is splitting!!!

P.P.S (pictures) Mormon Helping Hands and the Besa Family :) Enjoy!

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