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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference

was awesome. I was slightly stunned by the closing prayer though, because he said, " a few short months, we will be gathered together again to listen to thy prophets..." or something like that... the phrase that caught my attention was "a few short months" It's true, but I didn't want to hear that 6 months is short... Also, last October and April, I searched and searched but I could not see my choir teacher anywhere in the choir at conference, I thought she quit. But finally yesterday (when I was looking for my cousin, who I did not see) I saw her! It made my heart happy that my favorite teacher in high school didn't quit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...anyway...

Dear Sister Danner,Don't be afraid of Jody Dresses. I repeat, DON'T be afraid of Jody Dresses. They are the easiest to wash, they dry fast and they eliminate the stressfulness of trying to match the same old blouse to the same old skirt and not die of boredom in the process. Trust me, giving up your style for 16 months (because I wore normal clothes in the MTC) is worth the time you'll save in doing laundry. And if you have a pair of rubber shoes (like "cute" crocs) you'll be a step ahead of the rest when you get to Iloilo. (no pun intended) Hmm... If I think of anything else I wish I would have known before I left, I'll write it here...And yes, my mom does have amazing computer skills... but you know, she has developed those since I left. See you SOON! And have fun in the MTC!

This week was awesome. Sister Cornelio and I were finally split up after 6 months of being in the same house (but never companions). She is now in Iloilo. Her replacement is Sister Ganta from India. She is brand new, so we have lots of what we call "celestial powers" in Roxas. :D This means that Roxas will probably be Sister Gonimil's last area, seeing as she leaves on December 29. Anyway, we're excited to get to know about India and Sister Ganta. :D

We went back to Raymart yesterday. Remember him? He was going to be baptized right before the Cebu Temple dedication, but he decided not to. We taught a lesson about baptism to him and his older sister Rose Ann. Sometimes it's really hard to help people understand when they think they already get it... but I hope and pray that something will click and make even more sense.

Our baptismal candidates have gone from 1 to 2 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 1 to 0 (over the weeks), without any baptisms. It's a struggle when people choose to use their agency in that way. I told Sister Custodia that maybe Satan had the right idea when he wanted to take away our agency... Maybe we could just suspend it for a while? Like a privilege given to kids... Just kidding. I'm just voicing a small frustration.

We're going to try something new this week. In the Philippines, EVERYONE has a fence and a gate surrounding their house. So this week, we're going to try and go inside some of the big, heavy, rich looking gates, and not just stick to the easy small ones made of bamboo...
Wish us luck! Or better yet, pray for us!

All my Love,
Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. Congratulations to my Baby Brother, who has long since passed baby stage, for being baptized last Saturday! I love you Taylor!

P.P.S WELCOME HOME ELDER WARD! See you "in a few short months"!

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