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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Since Jennie ran out of time on the computer, she hand wrote another letter and mailed it home...

My comp.'s name is Sister Jenika Woodward, she's from Washington State and is the youngest of 12! We get along pretty well, but it's still hard to be attached to someone 24/7.

Sister Stadler (Lake Havasu, AZ) and Sister Ball (Idaho) are the other sisters in our district. Then there's Elder Lewis from Massachussets, Elder Scott from Springville, UT., Elder Pickard from Hawaii, and Elder Folds from New Zealand. (Elder Folds has a cool accent) That's our district! I love them. It is only day 6 and we're so close already. It's going to be hard to leave. We're all going to Bacolod except Sister Ball, she is going to Quezon City. We walked up to the temple yesterday and took pictures with our district!

This place is a spiritual POWERHOUSE. Testimony meeting was powerful yesterday. Much better than at home- there were no travelogs.

A little language lesson. In Tagolog, the vowels are only pronounced one way; a "ah", e "eh", i "ee", o "oh," u "oo". So Bacolod is actually pronounced ba- co- load, though there is not much emphasis on the final syllable, so it doesn't seem like a very pronounced "oh" sound.

Mahal Kita!
Sister Jennie Adams

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