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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Loved Ones

From Roxas (x makes an h sound...). Yep, I got transferred. At the transfer meeting in Bacolod, the opening song was "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" who's idea was that??? I bawled my eyes out during it... I am now on Panay. And what a trip that was... I had to ride the OceanJet, for an hour, and I got so sick. I just sat there with my head back, my eyes closed, and my jaw clenched... And I succeeded in not losing my breakfast. YES! (I kind of want to be assigned in Iloilo Mission so I don't have to do that again :p )

When I got to Panay, I saw Sister Woodward (my MTC comp) who I haven't seen since November. That was fun. Then I met my new companion, Sister Cortes from Bicol. She's only 5 hours (by boat) away from home... And then we got in a van (like a taxi...) and drove almost 3 hours from Iloilo to Roxas. I was very exhausted... but also very happy to not be traveling anymore.

I live with 3 Filipinas... I will be learning Hiligaynon very quickly now... it's all around me...

The work here in Roxas is very different than over in Silay. But that's ok, we keep our chins up and keep doing the best we can. I am grateful to serve the children of God in Roxas 3rd ward.

I have recently found out why the Filipino people are so tiny... it's because they eat a lot of fish... the fish have lots of little bones that you have to take out. For me, at least, it's hard... if that's what I ate every day for my whole life, I would be tiny too.

Yesterday was Easter, so last week was Holy Week... a HUGE holiday here. (that's why we took a van to Roxas not a bus... the busses weren't running... that's how big of a holiday it is)

I am just so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am grateful for the knowledge that He lives! I am grateful to be a member of this Church, and for the opportunity to share about the wonderful message that we have.Thank you for all your support! I love you all.

Pagpalangga, Sister Jennie Adams

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