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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love from Panay

This week seemed to take forever. I'm not entirely sure why, but I hope the coming weeks don't last as long...

So, Roxas is VERY different from Silay. At one point, (a while ago...) the missionaries assigned here weren't very obedient. We are still trying to fix the effects of these missionaries. It makes it hard, but we're pressing forward. Our numbers were low this week so we decided to do better next week. I truly believe that Roxas can become like Silay, can become even better than Silay. All it will take is hard work and time. I'm here for the hard work. :) And they are Children of God who are just as important as the last group of people I served.

We watched all of Conference! (in English... they don't broadcast it in Hiligaynon) WOW... FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY. I think that when I am closer to having my own family, I'm going to pull out the May 2010 Ensign for a guide... I really enjoyed the whole thing. It's just awesome to hear the words of the prophets.

So, I would like to share something I've learned about the language here... Hiligaynon is the actual name of the Language... Ilanggo is the name of a person who speaks Hiligaynon. Technically. So (hopefully) at the end of my mission, I will be considered "Ilongga." Anyway, I've known this for a while but I haven't ever shared.

This week has been a little eventless... what's the word in english? eventFUL... uneventful! HA! Sorry for my English everyone, it's kind of leaving me.

I am speaking on Sunday. Sister Cortes and I are speaking with our ward mission leader. Hopefully we can do some good... pray for us!

All my love,Sister Jennie Adams

p.s. one little request...if you are an RM, I would greatly appreciate to know how you all felt when you transferred out of your first areas... I'm not asking for a journal page or anything, but I would be really interested though if you could tell me a little about your feelings as you were leaving your first area in your mission...

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