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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Turning Fear into Faith

That was our lesson in Relief Society yesterday. It was way awesome. Basically prayer is the way to break Satan's powerful tool of fear.

This week was pretty amazing! We found 7 new investigators. Here's one story:

On Thursday, we went to try and teach an investigator who is always busy with her store. We've only taught her twice, but she seems receptive. Well, she was sleeping on Thursday, but her husband was there, so we decided to talk to him a little bit. While we were talking, a girl came in and sat down. She knows the man, Alvin, and she had some business with him. While she was waiting, I talked to her. She was way cool, so I gave her a Restoration pamphlet, thinking she'd leave soon and we wouldn't have time to teach. But it started raining and her transaction wasn't done yet (I'm not sure what it was, just that it involved a credit card...). AND she was asking questions right and left. I finally just said, "can we share with you?" She was like, "sure!" haha, kind of like she was just waiting for me to ask. So we taught about Joseph Smith to her. When I asked if we could come to her house, she gave us her work schedule, and described where her house was. THEN we decided to go find her yesterday. Turns out, she had to work when she told us she didn't (I think she just switched with someone), so we then had no one to teach... BUT her neighbor's daughter (who's 9) had gone to church because they have some relative that's a member. I asked her if she wanted to find out what her daughter had learned at church. She was really excited, and told us to come in. We taught the Restoration to her and her kids and then she asked an inspired question. "Will your religion save me?"

We get forms of this question all the time. But it's usually like, "for you, does religion save a person?" And they aren't sincerely asking, just wanting to make us say that this one will... But Rose was genuinely interested in the answer. I told her that no religion saves a person. But then I was 100% honest with her and told her that only in this church is the authority that is necessary to be saved. I gave the example of baptism. We explained about priesthood again, and she really understood and appreciated the answer. Sometimes it's hard to be so frank with people because you don't want them to think the wrong thing about the church, but they have to know the truth.

It was strange, the path that led us to Rose, and kind of long because I've known that first family FOREVER. But in the end (at the begining?), I feel like we've touched at least 3 families. We're going to keep going back to them all, and I hope they can progress.

Oh, and Bijie worked with us yesterday. She's got a rock solid testimony, and she's so willing to share it. I have no worries that she'll go inactive.

Man, I love my job.

Just one more email!


Sister Adams

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