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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, January 4, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings

name them one by one. This song played through my head today on the bus back to Silay from Bacolod because I was just sitting there bemoaning the fact that my preparation day didn't go quite like I planned. I felt TONS better after I pondered the words to that song. Just so you all know: it works. Memorize hymns or scriptures that you can call upon at a moments notice if you ever need to.

I got the letter you sent Mom, from Elder Ward. The one about 4 baptisms in one day, but they were all at different times. I was kind of taken aback when I read "the water might get cold" haha, we don't have CLEAN water, let alone WARM. Haha, I was just stricken by how different our missions are. But hey, pass on "Congrats" to him, it's awesome to see people enter the waters of baptism!

This week nothing worth reporting happened... I don't think. We just taught a lot. Especially yesterday. We got 15 new investigators yesterday. It was insane. Everywhere we went (usually for a referral) there were always more people than we expected. It was amazing. I'm hoping for at least 5 baptisms from them. We'll see though.

Well, I'm doing great! It's transfer week, which means that next time I write, I may or may not have a new companion, and/or be in a different area. I'll let you know!

Love always, Sister Jennie Adams

P.S. Here's a shout out to all my friends who: Just graduated college, taught English in China, are going to teach English in Russia (I JUST got your letter btw, yay! I'll write you back), may or may not be engaged (I just have to guess because I haven't heard from you... ;) ), and everyone else who is enjoying the snowy winter weather (or not... ;) ) I love you all! Keep working hard at life, and don't forget that "Of all the things you wear, your expression is most important."

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