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Sister Jennie Adams
Philippines Iloilo Mission
Osmena St.
5000 Iloilo

November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Prayed Her Here

and she came. Flying in to save the day in a Jody. (Well, actually, she wasn't wearing one that day, but she has every day since). I needed her here, and I prayed and now she's here. God answers prayers. I know he does.

I was struggling with the language and trying to be obedient by myself, and now I have Sister Fairweather to learn the language with me. And even be obedient with me! I’m so excited!Haha, we actually have had an interesting and hectic few days:Friday was Transfer Day. We all went to Bacolod to find out who our new companions would be. I heard rumors that I would get Sister Fairweather but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I actually prayed specifically for her for like a week. And when the meeting was over, the first thing I said to her was, “I prayed you here.” It turns out I wasn’t the only one, but that’s another story (maybe read Sister Grant’s letter?). We then left to go back to Silay. After we ate lunch, we went and bought food (our cupboards were bare) we went straight to work. It was interesting leading her around the city because I don’t know the language… but she doesn’t know the area. We worked well as a team. She met some investigators, and we taught and it was great. Then we returned home and fell into bed (after planning). That’s been my weekend. A whirlwind of righteousness. (please note: S. Rellora is righteous too, but it’s just different with another American)

A few funny things:Sister Fairweather is a first time-senior, so she isn’t used to having a cell phone, and neither am I, so we forgot it on Friday when we left the house… it turned out ok though…

~Sister Fairweather came up with some nicknames for our bishops, because they’re opposite… Darth Vader and Yoda
~And yesterday, I used Sister Fairweather’s toothbrush (by accident). Yeah, we’re that close already.
~And today, we’re going to go to Bacolod for Sister Grant’s Birthday! To Pizza Hut! We are both wearing correlating Jodys to honor this great woman. Lol, it's awesome. Yay!

Also, we heard that Sister Beck is coming HERE, to Bacolod. We’re really excited.

Well, that’s all!

Your exhausted, but extremely happy, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Cousin, Granddaughter, Niece… Love you All!!!

Sister Jennie Adams

In case you were wondering... A side note from Naunie...
Before Jennie left on her mission, she was following a blog that she found of a Sister Grant, who is also in the Bacolod Mission. ( Sister Grant's MTC companion was Sister Fairweather. So Jennie had "met" her months ago through that blog. Jennie also met her in person at the Conference they had at Christmas. She is from New York.
Mystery solved.

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