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Monday, February 1, 2010

Maguba Sia

(It broke)That is to say: My Mission broke. Yep, they’re dividing the Philippines Bacolod mission into two. There will be a new mission that is Panay and Guimharas. And Negros Occidental will be the new Philippines Bacolod Mission. Effective July. Lots of missionaries are going to be reassigned. And no one knows where they’ll be going. Sister Fairweather doesn’t have to worry about it because she goes home in June. But I am not going home in June… I have like 8 months after June. Personally, I feel like I’ll be going to Panay… but lantaw lang (~just have to see). This is a good change…

Also, I found the best thing in the Philippines! Mangos! Or mga Mangga (depending on what language you speak)… And guess what. I also found the only thing in the world I’m allergic to… Mangos. They, unfortunately, make my throat itch. But not if I eat something like bread right after… so I will continue to eat mangos, the best fruit in the Philippines.

I totally forgot to tell about Sister Fairweather in my last letters. Her name is Sister Sarah Fairweather. She is from New York. (close to New York City). She is the youngest of 3 and I’m teaching her to love the idea of being a mom . She was Sister Grant’s first companion and she’s hilarious. I love it! President told me we would be together for a few months (which means at least 2 transfers...). But I’m not sure if I want to get excited about that yet… we’ll see if it really happens. I hope so. Note: It’s fun to be with an American! But we get ripped off a lot more than if I were with a Filipinahmm, maybe it’s payment for the fun I’m having…

So we had Zone Conference last week. The conference was good :) But at lunch afterwards, an elder that was in my district last transfer saw me and said, “Sister Adams, tambok ka na!” That means, “Sister Adams, you’re fat now!” Yep. It means something different here… I think. We’ll just say it does because I don’t really like being called fat. It’s actually funny… if you translate any conversation in Ilanggo to English, its way weird. You just don’t say the same kind of things to people in English. I hope I don’t come home and start telling people that they are fat…

There’s this place in our area called Patag. We REALLY want to go. However… When other missionaries went, they didn’t get permission. And President said we can’t go. If he changes his mind, I’ll definitely let you know and send pictures!

I am now sporting sticks in my ears. They’re made out of coconut. And I wear them because it’s the cool thing to do if you’re an American missionary who may or may not wear Jodys… speaking of Jodys… I just went today to a place and they’re going to make me 3 new Jodys… then I’ll have 7, one for each day of the week. I’m excited.I'm so busy. We plan like every second, even on p-day. It's fun to stay busy, but sometimes I just want to sit and relax...

Ok, Spiritual:We have this AWESOME family. The Dad has a hard time reading, but he does it anyway. He takes the pamphlets to work and studies them. And after he went to church the first time, he said "why don't they teach the same thing there as you taught?" (apparently they were going into some deep 'doctrine' in Gospel Doctrine class... we sent him to gospel principles yesterday) They are very prepared for us and I'm SO excited to see this family progress :)

To friends who have written me:I’m sorry I haven’t responded to ANY of your letters. I will, I promise. But I’ve got no time today… Just be satisfied with this blog message for now… You'll get letters, I promise.

p.s. just another reminder: it is VERY important that if you send a package of any kind, to put religious pictures on it... it's less likely to get stolen or opened and more likely to make it to me :)

Love always, Sister Adams

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