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Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6

Just so you all know, it's week 6 of the transfer again... actually week 7. Week 6 ended yesterday. I'll let you all know on Monday what happens. I don't really like to talk about transfers...

Happy Valentines Day! We got a great present! 3 Baptisms on Saturday! It was awesome. They are these three great girls. They live really far away, and it's hard for us to go teach them, and it's hard for them to come to church. But they FINALLY got baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday!

We also got banned from one of the most beautiful places in Silay. It's a place called Adela. It's just little, but there's a less active family there, and a woman who has HUGE potential. We didn't do anything to be banned (don't worry we're obedient missionaries)... other than be missionaries. The man who owns the land is Catholic and doesn't want any other religions there... It's really sad for them, and for us... but it's also a good thing because we are always running to get to appointments. So that freed up our schedule a bit...

I met a Jedi. That's for all you Star Wars fans... Yes, I met a Jedi. I think he was 5. He was adorable.

Yesterday in one of our sacrament meetings, there was no pianist, so we were singing a cappella. The congregational hymn was Hope of Israel, and the way you sing a cappella here is the chorister sings the first line and says "ready sing" and then everyone sings. Well, the chorister didn't know the first line of the song... she started in the middle with the tune, but at the beginning with the words. It was hilarious. S. Fair spoke yesterday so we were sitting on the stand and I was just thinking, this is so wrong! what's going on?? Everyone was kind of mumbling to themselves... All of a sudden, Sister Fairweather and I just burst out in song... very loudly. You should have seen the looks on everyone's faces! It was really funny cause we basically did a duet at the beginning of every verse because they kept messing up... I'm not going to lie, I miss singing in my student ward...Also, yesterday... we split (sort of, for like 2 appointments). That was interesting, but a good experience. I feel like I am now in the same place I was in Tagalog when I left the MTC. So... yeah, except now it's Ilanggo. :) Yay!

Anyway, that's all for this week!

I love you all! The church is true!Love, Sister Jennie Adams

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