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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 baptisms and a wedding

So, at first, I accidentally wrote "5 weddings and a baptism" Haha, not quite...

Anyway, yeah... We had an amazing weekend. :) On Saturday morning, we made a family. The Gallos are MARRIED! They are so poor and we were really worried about how it was going to work out... but the ward stepped up. Someone let sister borrow a dress, someone did her hair, they had the traditional shirt for brother to wear. The relief society president made lunch for everyone. It was a complete success- and more than I ever dreamed it would be for them. :) THEN we baptized the family (well, there are 6 of them all together, but only 3 of them got baptized because the rest are too young.) I LOVE the Gallo Family.

The other 2 baptisms were a mom and her son. This is an interesting story actually... Sister Magbanua was very much against listening to us. Her husband is a member and her son has been attending church for his whole life (but never been baptized), and all her in-laws are members; it was just her "thing" to be the only non-member. Sister Fairweather and I talked about them and how we could help her and her son and we had decided that Lorem (the son) would just have to go first because Emily wasn't progressing at all. The next time we visited them, Sister Fairweather basically asked Emily if she wanted to be a forever family... she said yes, and then she told Emily that she knew what she had to do... It was definitely the spirit speaking through her because I've never heard Sister Fairweather talk to anyone like that before. Over the next few weeks, we weren't really sure what happened... but all of a sudden it was Saturday, and Emily was baptized. It's the strangest and coolest thing I've ever seen. Proof that the Spirit will really work through us if we let it.

I'm so glad to be a part of this work, and I can't wait until I can REALLY understand the people and their concerns so I can be a greater tool in the hands of the Lord.

Love, Sister Adams

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