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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mainit Gid! (really hot)

Yeah, it's really hot here...

Hey everyone! First, I have to tell you we had 3 baptisms on Saturday. Two girls named Sheila Mae and Ana Marie. Their mom is a member and their grandpa is a member too. He baptized them. We actually thought they wouldn't be able to be baptized because they are only 11 and 9. But then their grandpa took them under his wing and started bringing them to church every week. (their mom isn't active).

The other one is Brother Crauz! He FINALLY got baptized. His wife and one daughter got baptized on December 26, but he wasn't ready yet... He was able to quit smoking and come to church. It's kind of hard for him because he doesn't have very good hearing. That's part of the reason it took him longer than his wife and daughter. Now we just have to work on the rest of their kids...

So funny story (well to me and Sister Fairweather...)

I was practicing teaching the Restoration to S. Fair in Ilanggo, and I got to the part where Jesus Christ answers Joseph, but instead of saying, "The true church isn't here, but it will return." I said, "It HAS returned!" Sister Fairweather laughed so hard at that. Picture Joseph talking to Christ and Christ saying, "it was gone but it's back!" He would probably say something like, WHERE?! Haha, I think I got my ab workout for that day.

Well, the work in Silay is still good, if slowing a little... we just baptized everyone, so now we need to FIND! Haha, well that's all!

Love you All!

Love Sister Jennie Adams

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