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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21

for lack of a better subject line/ title.

This week was... wait, I swear I already emailed this week... wait... that was last week... oh man...

We have Zone Conference this next week, and I get to sing!

Well, I say I get to sing. There's a group that already has the musical number, and it's only our Zone, but I REALLY want to do a musical number for my last conference so we're just gonna show up and be like, "Hey, we're gonna invite the spirit twice as much! We get two musical numbers!" Yep, Sister Salway and I are gonna try and put something together...

I'm not gonna lie, this week was kind of a blur, and nothing in particular sticks out...

Except that BETH CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN! Thank you everyone that is praying for her success. I am SO happy. I think I might actually get to see her enter into the waters of baptism. :D

Keep praying for the success of the missionary work here, your prayers are heard and answered.

Love Sister Adams

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