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November 2010 - January 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


Love :D Happy Valentines day!

This week, I have been studying Charity and Love (not at all in correlation with Valentines day...really, this day has very little meaning if you've got a black plastic name plate). I just feel like I need to develop my Christlike attributes, and I got started with charity. We taught a cool lesson yesterday to some members who haven't been to church in a while. My companion started and explained what the blessings of church attendance are, and the whole time I just had this overwhelming feeling like I needed to tell them I love them and that whether or not they come to church, I love them just the same. I know that it helped them, and I think they will even come to church next week. I am so grateful for the pure love of Christ that I have an opportunity to share with people. I get to tell people all day how much God loves them, and then watch them ponder that idea while I explain that I love them too. It's really neat because you can just see it sink in, and then I know I was a tool in Heavenly Father's hand to lift someone higher.

Nothing really new with Bijie, she's still on for the 27th. She's basically the coolest investigator I've had since Brother Gallo back in Silay. She asked me about obtaining a quad. They are so insanely expensive, so I just explained that the triple and bible have the exact same thing in them, and she's cool with that. But she's shy to ask bishop about it, haha, I get to order it for her. And for sure it won't be here for her baptism, but maybe it'll make it before I leave... maybe.

I love being a missionary. It hit me yesterday how much I love it, and how fulfilling it is. And how incredibly difficult it is to explain to another person. So I guess the only solution is to do it yourself, find out how great being a missionary feels! And find out how great being a missionary IS for other people!
Palangga ko kamo tanan!

Sister Adams

P.S. If you have written me, chances are, I got it, but just haven't gotten around to writing you back. I apologize and promise I am thankful for your support... we'll just talk in a little while, deal?

Annie, nope, I never got your package... :( but the good news, if I send you something on your mission, your chances of getting it are 100%... mail just doesn't get lost in America.

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